Why University of Cincinnati Should Consider Moving to the BIG Ten

University of Cincinnati
Desmond RidderKarl B DeBlaker/Associated Press

University of Cincinnati football has been looking really good lately. They have had very competitive teams as of late and were in discussions for the college football playoff during the 2020 season. Because the group five schools get overlooked, that did not happen. Cincy is in the American Athletic Conference. But, with the talks of Oklahoma and Texas moving to the SEC, this poses a few other situations. This is why the University of Cincinnati should consider switching over to the BIG Ten.

Geography, In State Rivalry, and Recruiting

First, the location wise it makes perfect sense. Ohio is in the middle of the country where most of the B10 schools are. Travel won’t be a problem for the most part. Additionally, it would be an interesting matchup to see Cincinnati vs Ohio State. Both teams at their best could provide a great instate rivalry for many years to come. Quarterback Desmond Ridder has emerged as one of the best QBs in the country and maye be a future first round pick.

By moving to the power five, recruiting will also get a huge boost. For football, they try to keep kids in Cincy and develop a Cincy style of play. How much more could be added to that if the goal is to beat big bad Ohio State? Cincy would be right at home in the west division. Why? Well, Ohio State is in the east. They are in Columbus. Cincinnati is west of Columbus. Also, you can make the case that Cincinnati is better than most of the teams in the west.

Illinois, Nebraska, and Purdue are just not good. We can’t deny that. The jury is still out on Minnesota being a consistent contender. Northwestern is up and down as of late. Iowa and Wisconsin are solid. Easily, Ohio State and Cincinnati could be in a fight for CFB.

Not Just Football

Basketball is also a sport Cincy is good at, and those are the major college sports people care about the most. Not counting the COVID year, this is the records from the 2013-2019 season (2013 on the top and so on).







These records are better than some teams during the 2020 season. Also, University of Cincinnati has made it into the NCAA tournament as members of the American and Big East from 2011 to 2018. In 2012, they lost in the regional semis. There is a path for this to happen and it makes sense. With the move to the SEC imminent for Oklahoma and Texas, we’ll see what the dominoes are the next to fall.

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