Valorant NA Challengers Playoffs: Breakdown and Predictions

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Bracket Overview

The playoff championship bracket for the NA region has been set and the top three teams will aim to clinch their spot at Masters in Berlin. This NA tournament starts on August 11th and will wrap up on August 15th. 8 teams will compete in a double-elimination style bracket with Sentinels (who are the reining Masters champions) as the clear favorite to win and clinch a spot once again. There are also some new NA teams in the mix compared to the previous NA Challengers Playoffs. TSM, RISE, Luminosity Gaming, and FaZe Clan are now in the running to punch their ticket to Berlin. This is a very competitive pool and more than likely we will see some surprises throughout the tournament.


The Sentinels Valorant team consists of Tenz, Shazam, Dapr, Zombs, and SicK. This is the same lineup that Sentinels had in the last Masters tournament which leads to why they are the favorite once again. Tenz leads the team with insane game IQ and accuracy and is arguable the best Valorant player in the world at the current moment. Shazam is the brains and captain behind the team and his experience as a CS:GO professional has carried over flawlessly to Valorant. SicK, Dapr, and Zombs all fill their roles correctly and create seamless chemistry as a team.

Prediction: NA Challengers Playoffs Champions: Clinch Berlin spot


The RISE gaming Valorant team consists of POISED, neptune, Shanks, Derrek, and supamen. POISED and Shanks lead the way for this team as they are a relatively new and small team compared to their competitors. RISE gaming has competed with tier one teams for a while now. They have finally broken through the barrier and have a chance at going to Berlin. They will have to face Sentinels in the first round which is an unfortunate way to kick off a tournament.

Prediction: Finish in 8th place: Eliminated


The Envy gaming Valorant team consists of FNS, crashies, Victor, Marved, and yay. Envy has been a consistent top team within the North American region. They are a dark horse to qualify for Masters but would not surprise many if they were to make it. Envy is a very balance team and there is no true weak point on this roster. Their path is very difficult having to go through TSM and possibly Sentinels but they are more than capable of doing so.

Prediction: Finish in 4th place: Eliminated


The TSM FTX Valorant team consists of Wardell, Subroza, Bang, Hazed, and LeviathanAG. New signings Bang and Leviathan have propelled TSM back into the spotlight. The previous roster struggled mightily in previous Challenger events and seemed to be reborn with these two new players. Wardell and Subroza are the two faces of this Valorant team are some of the most popular Valorant streamers on Twitch. TSM is a very dangerous team especially with how much momentum they have coming into this tournament. A clinched spot to Berlin is very much in reach but there are several great teams that they will have to be consistent against to get there.

Prediction: Finish in 3rd place: Clinch Berlin spot


The XSET Valorant team consists of PureR, thwifo, BcJ, AYRIN, Dephh, and zekken. This team is another one of the top competitors in the competition as they were in this same positions several months back in the previous Challengers tournament. Led by BcJ this team is very balanced and has great team chemistry. They are a much smaller organization compared to some of their competitors. This does not matter to them when playing the game as they consistently perform well. XSET is another dark horse candidate to make it to Berlin and would be no surprise if they do.

Prediction: Finish in 5th place: Eliminated

Luminosity Gaming (LG)

The Luminosity Gaming Valorant team consists of aproto, moose, YaBoiDre, ban, and dazzle. LG is one of the largest gaming organization internationally and is highly recognized in most esports. Their Valorant team has been good but not good enough in the past several tournaments. They are due for a big run and this could be the time in which they could pull it off. Consistent play from aproto and YaBoiDre could poise them as an upset contender throughout the tournament.

Prediction: Finish in 7th place: Eliminated

100 Thieves

The 100 Thieves Valorant team consists of Hiko, nitr0, steel, Asuna, and Ethan. 100 Thieves is one of the largest and most popular gaming organizations in NA. They have grown their brand tremendously and were able to acquire some of the best players esports has to offer. 100 Thieves is definitely one of the favorites to clinch a spot to Berlin and possibly win this Challengers Playoffs. Hiko and Asuna lead the way for this team but every player is fantastic at what they do. They suffered heartbreak in the last Challengers playoffs and are looking for redemption this time around.

Prediction: NA Challenger Playoffs Runner-ups: Clinch Berlin spot

FaZe Clan

The Faze Clan Valorant team consists of corey, ZacharEEE, babybay, Rawkus, and BabyJ. FaZe Clan is arguably the most well-known gaming organization around the world and has been around for a little over a decade. Their primary focus has mainly been Call of Duty but their Valorant team has come to play. This is another overall very solid team and can compete with any team in the world. They are very inconsistent and this has resulted in disappointing finishes in their last several events. I personally think this unfortunately continues. They could very well prove me wrong and win this tournament though.

Prediction: Finish in 6th place: Eliminated

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