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Verstappen v Hamilton

Max Verstappen

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How is the Title Race looking?

The 2021 Formula One season has surprised us all as there is a new title challenger. Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has been a surprise title contender for this year formula one championship as everyone expected seven time world champion and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton to cruise through this season as he has been for the last 5 years. Verstappen has built a 32 point lead through 9 races. And will he be able to dethrone Hamilton of his eight championship title? 

Mercedes Dominance?

It has been a long time since someone really challenged Hamilton the last time he lost a title was in 2016 and that was to his Mercedes Teammate Nico Rosberg who retired at the end of that season, just put the icing on the cake to ensure that Hamilton would be dominant.

A lot of Formula one fans have been really happy that this season has been super competitive, as the last seven years of formula one have been dominated by Mercedes. Now that there’s a title challenger it can make things interesting. The last time Hamilton was really challenged like this was 2018 with former Ferrari now Racing point driver Sebastian Vettel. But that was done and dealt with after that summer break.  

Will it be Verstappen’s Year?

With the title challenge back in 2017 and 2018 from Vettel he was unable to keep up the fight all season long, but now that Verstappen has started strong many fans hope that he can continue this form all the way throughout the season. This is the first time fans have been interested in this season title challenge as it usually is one sided with Hamilton crushing every single opponent but this year might be different and fans hope that they can experience a real title challenge down to the wire 

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