Vince McMahon Retires from WWE!

Vince McMahon Retires From WWE Photo Credit: WWE

The one bit of news I did not believe that I would be writing about any time soon… Vince McMahon Retires from WWE. Vince McMahon ran WWE for around 40 years after he bought it from his father, Vincent J. McMahon. Before that, Vince was working in WWE in various positions as early as 1970.

Now Vince McMahon is officially out. He’s not even head of creative anymore. The only official claim that Vince has left to any kind of authority in WWE, is all the stock he owns. Vince also announced that Stephanie McMahon and Nick Kahn will be Co-CEOs of WWE. It seems very likely that these events all relate to the recent controversy.

Vince was accused of paying hush money to hide sexual relationships with former employees. Wall Street Journal announced that there were at least four such cases. Vince McMahon is being investigated by the WWE Board of Directors over this situation. This writer speculates that Vince’s decision to retire is meant to shield WWE from additional fallout. Also, Vince may have preferred to leave on his own terms and not kicking and screaming.

Vince’s 40 years of WWE, saw him become WWE Champion and ECW Champion. He was a commentator since the 1970s and only stepped down from that role after the Montreal Screw job. He wrestled for the company and managed wrestlers. But most importantly he served as the final approving authority for creative decisions in WWE.

Vince McMahon’s vision took control of the entire wrestling world. NWA, AWA, and later WCW all went out of business. However, WWE remained and that is due to Vince’s vision of sports entertainment.

But that era is over, and one is left to wonder where wrestling is headed next. What will wrestling be like without Vincent Kennedy McMahon?

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