Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Hits Career Home Run Number 50

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Butch Dill – USA Today Sports

Each season MLB fans are always watching to see which young stars are going to make the biggest impact. The 2021 season is looking like a career year for many, but the player who stands out the most is Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of the Toronto Blue Jays.

The son of Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero Sr. is making baseball look remarkably easy this season. It seems like every game he is doing crazy things on the field. Even crazier, this is only his third season in the big leagues.

First Two Seasons

He made his long awaited debut in 2019 for the Blue Jays at only 20 years old. In 123 games he had 514 plate appearances where he recorded a .272 batting average, 126 hits, 26 doubles, 46 walks, 69 RBI’s and 15 home runs.

Although he did not put up the most absurd stats of the rookie class that season he still got on base 33.9% of his plate appearances which is a very solid number for someone going up against the top caliber pitchers in an extremely difficult American League East.

In 2020 he played all 60 games and performed at right around the same rate as his first season. In 224 plate appearances he had a .262 batting average, 58 hits, 13 doubles, 33 RBI’s and nine home runs. He was right on pace for his previous season’s numbers. The 2021 season has been a much different story.

Guerrero’s Incredible Start to 2021

So far in 75 games this season he is blowing his last two seasons out of the water and showing he might be even better than his dad.

In 323 plate appearances he is third best in baseball with a .339 batting average and 92 hits. He is second best with a .683 slugging percentage and 61 runs scored.

What about the other major stats? He leads them all.

He is at the top with a .443 on base percentage, 1.125 on base plus slugging percentage, 64 RBI’s and 26 home runs.

Unique History

On Saturday afternoon he hit home run number 26 on the season at home against the Baltimore Orioles. This was a huge homer because it was the 50th of his career. This is a major accomplishment, but he happened to do it on a very interesting day.

In 1998, Guerrero Sr.’s second full season, he hit career home run number 50 for his final homer of the season. That game was his 258th of his career. Guerrero Jr.’s 50th home run came in his 258th game as well. Like father, like son.

If history continues to repeat itself then Guerrero Jr. will be named the 2021 American League MVP.

There is a lot of season left to be played though and Vlad is nowhere near slowing down which just leaves one question. What else can this kid do? If his stardom continues at this rate the answer will come very soon.

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