Washington Football Team Fined By NFL

The NFL announced Thursday night that the Washington Football Team resulted from an investigation into the team’s culture. The investigation came as a result of an expose published in the Washington Post last July. The expose accused the organization of mishandling accusations of sexual harassment by top officials in the organization.

NFL Commisoner Roger Goodell released the following statement about the findings of the investigation,

“I want to thank Beth Wilkinson and her team for conducting a thorough and independent review of the Washington club’s workplace culture and conduct and providing both the club and me with a series of thoughtful recommendations based on her findings.  Beth and her team performed their work in a highly professional and ethical manner.  Most importantly, I want to thank the current and former employees who spoke to Beth and her team; they provided vital information that will help ensure that the workplace environment at the club continues to improve.  It is incredibly difficult to relive painful memories. I am grateful to everyone who courageously came forward.”

NFL Commisoner Roger Goodell

The Washington Football Team’s Past Exposes and the Future

However, in the past couple of years, the Washington Football Team has had many issues with the misconduct of treating female employees. One of the most notable incidents was the 2018 expose done by The New York Times. This piece goes through a trip taken by the cheerleaders of the team and the improper treatment of the cheerleaders.

Therefore, the results of this investigation end a damaging year for the Washington Football Team. The changes to the business began on July 13, 2020, as the organization announced they retired the organization’s old nickname. However, three nights later, the entire world was able to read about the horrendous culture in the organization in a damaging expose.

However, as the organization tries and turns the page from this chapter in the franchise’s history, there will be changes in the team’s structure. The first change will be league-mandated, as now all employees in the organization will be required to engage in training. The second change regarding the day-to-day operations is that Dan Synder’s wife Tanya will be running the team. Dan Synder will focus on the new stadium project. Upon paying the fines, the Washington Football Team will hope to continue its winning ways and create a new tradition for the franchise.

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