We Have to Stop Talking About the Nets

N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Well, the Nets blew it. Even after spending all of the money in the world and making trades, Brooklyn is out in the second round. Of course, James Harden walked right off the floor without shaking hands with anyone. Did we expect anything less? This team besides Kevin Durant is made up of divas and sore losers.

Couldn’t get it done

Durant showed he is the alpha on this team and the only guy with any class. The other so called stars couldn’t perform when it matters most. Maybe if Kyrie wasn’t so focused on getting attention, he could’ve helped his team more. Harden didn’t make much of an impact either. Durant put the team on his back and and because nobody else helped carry the load, he got tired and ran out of steam. The Nets are a team with players who were unable to win by themselves. This roster is made up of unhappy guys who threw a tantrum to get off the team they were on. Allowing those players to leave rewarded them for their actions. After all of that, they still couldn’t win. This just shows that giving Brooklyn the time of day is a giant waste of time.

Attention Seekers

Whenever we talk about the Nets, we play right into their hands. Whenever we talk about what Kyrie said, we inflate his ego even more. Kyrie stepped on the Celtics logo to bait someone into doing something stupid. When it happened, of course he talked about it and got more attention. This was planned from the start.

Remember when LeBron went to Miami and started recruiting? People were anointing them the next dynasty before they started playing together. They won two championships and became irrelevant. LeBron wanted more attention and made a scene about going back to Cleveland. The Nets are no different from that.

The organization has become a disgrace to sports. An overrated team with players who can do whatever they want, whenever they want. If the season is any indication of what’s to come from Brooklyn, this team cares more about publicity than winning. By the way, the ankle Kyrie hurt is the one he used to step on the leprechaun. Fitting.

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