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Championship Sports Media

When you hear the breaking news that your favorite player is being traded to another team, or that your team has signed someone you really wanted, you want to read a quality article, right? When you are looking for fun content to read or listen to or watch, you want high-quality content, right? Well, that is exactly what I created Championship Sports Media for. I want to be the place that you go to first to find content and read about the newest update for anything sports. “Sports content that wins.” That is our slogan. We want to be the best sports content company and it won’t be close. We are chasing the sports media “Championship”, hence our name.

I have not been in the sports media industry very long, but I love everything that has to do with sports. I got my start writing for a small up-and-coming company just like this one, and I have seen it grow into something very strong and solid. When I left there I had a desire to build something of my own but I was still so fresh that I had no idea where to start. Eventually, with the help of a friend who has more experience than me, I took the next step.

While this is just the beginning, I am excited to see the company grow and become your favorite place to read, listen, and watch a vast variety of sports content from a vast differing amount of fans, haters, skeptics, and all other people.

Welcome to Championship Sports Media!

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