What happened to Jevon Carter?

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Jevon Carter showed himself to be a defensive threat and solid scorer throughout his short time with the Milwaukee Bucks. He provided high-quality defense and offense off the bench when needed the most. Jevon would pick up most guys almost the entire 92 feet on defense. This provided a pressing and tiring effect for his opponents. Jevon was able to be an effective defender while also keeping the stamina needed to drive for a layup or hit an open shot on the opposite end.

It seemed that Jevon was finally finding a solid role in the rotation during the first round of the playoffs. However, George Hill’s return from injury has lessened Carter’s playing time. He is now averaging close to 9 minutes per game after averaging 16 minutes in round one against the Bulls. Jevon Carter’s different role in the rotation leaves many questions due to this being a series where pressing defense and bench scoring is direly needed.

The minute differential leaves many Bucks fans wondering why Carter is getting less time. Especially since he outperforms Hill in almost every stat offensively and defensively in the playoffs. In the 2022 playoffs, Jevon Carter has a significantly lower defensive rating of 86.8 than his counterpart George Hill; Hill averages 114.7. On the offensive side, Carter averages 9ppg on 47 percent from the field compared to 1.3ppg on 20 percent from Hill.

After Hill only had 0pts, 1reb, 0 ast, and 5fls in a 19min stretch in game six against the Boston Celtics. While Carter had 2pts and 1reb in a less than two-minute stint in game six. George Hill’s subpar performance last game has left fans calling on Coach Bud to consider giving Jevon Carter more playing time in a winner takes all Game 7.

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