What’s Next For The Browns Season?

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What’s next for the Browns season? This year has been very disappointing. At 3-7, this season has not panned out the way many expected or wanted it to be for Cleveland. From the Deshaun Watson suspension, lack of production and growth on the defense. As well as questionable effort from players on the defense. Many expected the Browns’ offense to struggle without Watson playing the first eleven games. Above all many expected the defense to carry the team. That has not been the case. In areas many expected to be a strength is actually a weakness and vice versa. So, therefore, at this time it will be identified what to focus on for the last seven games of the season.

Browns Week 12

Cleveland is currently 3-7 on the year, not the result expected before the season started. Most recently the Browns lost to the Buffalo Bills 31-23. In a game where they had various opportunities to take a massive lead and really control the game. They did not capitalize on those chances. The next game is against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Having struggles of their own it would help Brown’s fans feel better with a win one week before Watson returns. Nonetheless, the optics of it will make fans feel better. The reality is that playoff chances are bleak at best for this season. With playoff chances seeming unrealistic the focus should start being on what this team can be going into next season.

Browns Focus For Rest of Season

The number one thing this organization should be doing the last seven games is evaluating talent. There should be an evaluation of the roster for the players as well evaluate the coaching staff from the top to bottom. Need to see what players on the roster fit the system going forward. As well coaches need to be highlighted to see if they can fit where the organization wants to be. Next Sunday Deshaun Watson will return against the Houston Texans. Which the focus then needs to be, to surround him with enough talent. Along with recognizing what players fit best with his style of play. Then finally utilizing his skill set the best.

Browns Hot Seats

Cleveland Browns fans are familiar with coaches being on the hot seats. For this season’s candidates of hot seats are first defensive coordinator Joe Woods. With the lack of proper game planning and putting players in proper positions. It seems that as the season continues Woods seems to have lost the ear of the players. Next is Mike Prifer the special teams’ coordinator. The special teams have not been good for some time now and need to be changed. In fact, they have done more harm than good. Head coach Kevin Stefanski can not be exempt from evaluation either. Having led a top-ten offense this season, he needs to evolve as a head coach. Finally is Andrew Berry. Like Stefanski, he is not in danger of losing his job but needs to grow in certain areas. This off-season he must focus his efforts on upgrading the defense.

Final Thoughts

The moment that Deshaun Watson had his suspension increased from six to eleven games the season was in shambles. However, this season was crucial for identifying what they do have. Then it also showed what they need to improve. For instance, the final six games will be a massive pre-season for the Browns. Likewise, changes must be made defensively. In particular in personnel and philosophy, The two coordinators need to be changed. In addition, the philosophy for these units needs to be set at a higher level. Above all the Browns need to be reaching for super bowl aspirations. Therefore, this team needs to spend money on good players in free agency and draft better. Such players must be targeted in the trenches on defense. This team is very close to being a perennial contender. Undoubtedly, the time is now for this team to finally put it together on a consistent basis.

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