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What’s The Deal With Carlos Correa?

Carlos Correa
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What’s Going On With Carlos Correa?

This offseason has been full of many headlines and stories based around free agent signings. Aaron Judge signed a historically high $360M contract with the Yankees over the next nine years in hopes to cement his legacy as the new captain in the Bronx. Xander Bogaerts is now a Padre after his amazing tenure in Boston where he collected two World Series Rings. But the story that has everyone scratching their heads is Carlos Correa and his mysterious medical history that had the Giants, and now possibly the Mets, backing out of deals with him.

In December, following the Winter Meetings, Carlos Correa and the San Francisco Giants were in agreement on a 13-Year, $350M contract. This deal was huge for Giants fans after the team missed out on Aaron Judge days before. But out of nowhere, only six days later, the deal fell apart after the Giants were skeptical over his pending physical. Reports stated that the Giants were concerned over a broken fibula injury that Correa suffered in the minors back in 2014.

And only hours later, Steve Cohen and the Mets signed Correa to a restructured deal worth $315M over 12 years. Which was huge for the Mets, given they have already had a very successful offseason. Steve Cohen was quick to take a victory lap. He made the deal happen while on vacation in Hawaii and went on to state: “We needed one more thing, and this was it… this puts us over the top.”

But now, several weeks after the deal with the Giants fell through, the Mets are now sharing the same concerns over Correa’s physicals. The deal has yet to be officially signed as the Mets are reported to be ‘very frustrated’ with Correa. There are now reports of other teams now checking in with Correa’s agent, Scott Boras, about possibly coming in to crash the deal just like the Mets did to the Giants.

Where Will Carlos Correa End Up?

The Giants deal was done until it wasn’t. The Mets deal was done until it wasn’t. What happens next? This mysterious leg injury keeps coming up as a major concern in these long contract talks. Which is completely fair to the teams. After all, it would be a huge risk signing a player to a 12 year deal after learning of a major injury in the player’s past. But why is this a concern now?

Is it really due to his leg injury from eight years ago? He has played eight years of major league baseball so far at an elite level. Within his eight years in the majors, he has 350 extra base hits, 155 home runs, and a gold glove at shortstop. All of this without any concerns of his leg injury in the minor leagues.

At this point, it’s hard to believe the leg injury is the reason that there is so much concern for his contract. Is it safe to assume that there is more going on in Correa’s physicals? Steve Cohen was very quick to pick up Correa, even after knowing about his leg injury. So what else is there that is making the Mets reconsider this deal?

Correa Back To Minnesota?

The Minnesota Twins are reportedly one the teams back in the Carlos Correa talks. The Twins have already signed him once before, they know about his physicals. But the Twins never signed Correa to a long contract. They signed him to a three year deal last offseason with an opt-out after each year, in which Correa opted out after his first year. So did the Twins sign him to a short contract because they didn’t feel safe with a long contract due to his medicals? If that’s the case, it’s interesting to see them in the conversation to bring him back.

If one thing is for sure, wherever Carlos Correa ends up, it’s going to be a restructured deal. It has been made very clear that the teams interested in him do not feel comfortable giving him a long contract. It is just odd to see the leg injury from eight years ago being the apparent reason for bailing on his contracts. For now, the odd saga continues as we are now in January with no deal set in stone. Will another team come in and crash the party again? Or will Steve Cohen and the Mets figure something out with Correa soon?

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