Where to Start?: MLB Rookie Cards

When it comes to card collecting Baseball is the most expansive and hardest sport for newcomers to efficiently collect. Compared to other sports such as Basketball there are so many rookie cards in a single set. Baseball card rookies usually do not have such an inflated price either, prices for rookie cards to not jump up in price until a player has done some serious damage in the league, although a few hyped up prospects like Jason Dominguez can see some of their cards go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Below is a list of a few rookie cards from the past couple seasons that are easily obtainable through boxes/packs or bought for less then $15 dollars and could have the chance of a big price jump. The year next to each players name is the year that their rookie card appears in.

Alex Kirilloff, Twins OF (2021)

A highly touted prospect who is about to be one of the main centerpieces of a rebuild. Many of the players on this list are more likely to see their rookie card go into the mid 30’s or 40’s however I think Kirilloff has the best chance of reaching triple digits. My only concern with Kirilloff is the fact that he plays for a smaller market, something that affects the price of Baseball cards a lot more then other sports. If he plays to his potential this should be an easy 60 dollar card at the minimum one day.

Jarred Kelenic, Mariners OF (2021)

Another highly touted outfield prospect, the difference between Kirilloff and Kelenic is the quality of teams they play on. Kelenic is on a team making a lot of moves to win with Kelenic being the centerpiece of the new team. Winning usually translates to more fame and more fame means higher card prices. In his short time in the majors last season he struggled which lowered his card price a tad bit. Buy now before it rises.

Michael Kopech, White Sox SP (2019)

I normally advise against investing in starting pitcher prospects, especially when they have an injury history. Despite the injuries Kopech’s talent is too much to be ignored . Kopech routinely breaks 100 on the radar gun and racks up a lot of K’s. He has the talent he just needs the opportunity to start, something he may be getting soon. What also helps his prospective value is the fact that Chicago is a borderline World Series contender and he could be a big part of that. The obvious risk is he could stay as a reliver which tanks any chance of value, but the low price is worth a shot.

Adalberto Mondesí, Royals SS (2016)

Mondesi is famous for his blazing speed and his consistent injuries. His rookie card is readily available for a dollar. I think it is worth the risk as Mondesi has the potential to become a superstar if healthy. Mondesi has a good shot to get traded to a better team and bigger market in the near future which could help his value as well. If his health holds up I see no reason why Mondesi’s play would not raise his value up to at least an all star caliber player.

Ryan Mountcastle, 1B Orioles (2021)

I remember back in 2021 buying boxes on top of boxes to get as many Mountcastle rookies as I could. He had a solid rookie campaign and the fact that he plays most of his games against big market teams like the Red Sox and Yankees will give him plenty of exposure. Mountcastle has the potential to be a consistent all star which usually boosts value of cards. My only concern is he plays for a really bad Orioles team. I am also not confident in the superstar ability. If he continues his progression and he starts to help the O’s win some games I do not think it is unreasonable for his card to be in the $30 dollar range.

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