Who’s To Blame For Lance’s Injury?

Trey Lance
Tony Avelar/AP

The San Francisco 49ers have lost Trey Lance to a season ending ankle injury. Many people are trying to figure where to place the blame. In my humble opinion all of the blame falls on Kyle Shanahan for a number of reasons.  It was Lance’s third rushing attempt of the game. Many believe that the game plan was to run Lance a lot more this game. Which begs the question why?

A similar situation took place last season in Arizona. In Lance’s first start last year against the Arizona Cardinals he ran the ball 12 times, which led to a knee injury. In last weeks game against the Chicago Bears Lance ran the ball 13 times. So obviously the game plan includes running Lance a good amount of the time.  In the back of Shanahan’s mind he had to have known the risk of running Lance this much.  It is obvious that Lance was not one to shy away from contact.  So as a coach you have to save your starting QB from himself.  Either teach him to slide more or take those plays out of the playbook.  

Why would Shanahan still feel the need to run Lance in this matter?  Did Shanahan feel that Lance still isn’t ready to make the throws needed? Or did Shanahan just get reckless with his young QB.  Either way Shanahan is at fault.  If you’re that reckless with your QB then that needs to change.  If you still at this point don’t believe that Trey is ready to get out there and do things with his arm, then that’s still on Shanahan for not having him ready.

Still having Jimmy G is a plus because he knows the system and the team. For teams that have to game plan for the 49ers things just got a little easier.  Teams know the limitations with Jimmy G and they can use that to their advantage. That was an element with Trey that not people thought about

It sucks to think that we all waited a year just to see Trey Lance be used as a runner more than a QB.

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