Will Damian Lillard Request A Trade?

Damian Lillard
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According to a source, Damian Lillard will request a trade in the coming days.’

Is It True?

We know that Damian Lillard has always been the guy who has been loyal to the organization that drafted him. The Trail Blazers have not had a season where they didn’t make the playoffs since Lillard arrived in 2012. However, they have only made it to the Western Conference once in nine years. Lillard has also had his two best seasons in the last two years, and both years the Blazers have not made it out of the first round.

Taking a look at Damian Lillard’s contract:

Damian Lillard will not be a free agent until the year 2025. He just signed a contract extension with the Portland Trail Blazers that will be worth $40+ million a year. You can take a look at the breakdown of the contract here.

Has Damian Lillard hinted at a request:

Over the past couple of months, there may be multiple times that we have seen hints from Damian Lillard.

He also came out with a song called about that time. Damian Lillard is playing with Team USA, which if we know anything about that, brings stars together to play on the same team. Before teaming up, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh all played for Team USA before the Heat.

There is also this:

What do Dames teammates say about the Rumors?

Well if you are not intrigued by the Twitter World, that is where a lot of rumors start and end. Jusuf Nurkic has become very vocal on Twitter in the past year. So far, he has been the only one to respond that we know of.

That’s not the only tweet either:

Damian Lillard and Jusuf Nurkic have become very close friends, almost brothers since Nurk came to Portland. So are we still going to believe the source that Henry Abbott has, or will we believe Lillard’s teammate and brother?

I’ll take the later source in Nurkic himself. So my answer is No, Lillard will not request a trade. After USA practice, Lillard met with the media and denied the report.

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  1. Allowing all of the rumors to flourish could be his play to stay and get quality support. However, it wouldn’t be the first time a teammate is snubbed in the information department.

    • Dacota Haynes

      I think its going to be just like the Russell Wilson situation in Seattle, go out and get some good pieces or he’ll ask for that trade. Basically giving the team an ultimatum.

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