Wisconsin Vs Notre Dame Preview

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Photo by Robert Franklin.

Wisconsin vs Notre Dame is being played at Soldier Field this year. Wisconsin is ranked #18, and Notre Dame is ranked #12, which will make for a close and entertaining game. Notre Dame is coming into this being 3 and 0, while Wisconsin is coming in being 1 and 1.

Wisconsin Badgers

Wisconsin has had a slow start to the season but has not had a chance to show how good they are. In week one, they faced Penn State at home but fell short 16 to 10. Wisconsin seemed like they could not finish their drives and score. They had only 185 passing yards and 180 rushing yards. Chez Mellusi had 121 of those rushing yards. The biggest thing that held them back this game was the three turnovers. Their defense played pretty well but still let up 247 passing yards, but only 50 rushing yards, and allowed only 11 first downs. The following week was a great bounce-back for them and showed everyone how good their defense is.

During week two, they competed against Eastern Michigan and won 34 to 7. Wisconsin had 518 total yards and had 352 rushing yards and 166 passing yards. Mellusi had another great game with 144 rushing yards and another touchdown. Their defense had a better game than week one. They allowed only 92 total yards, 76 of those were passing, and 16 of those were rushing.

Wisconsin has not played anyone, but Penn State and they lost that game. They will need to continue to rush the ball as good as they have, and their defense will have to be able to stop Notre Dame’s offense. If they can figure out how to get past the Notre Dame defensive line, then they will have a better chance at winning this game.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame has played all three weeks of the season so far but has not been able to show us that they are a great team. Week one was a game that should have not been as close as it was. They played against Florida State and barely beat them in overtime, 41 to 38. Notre Dame did have a great passing game though. They had 366 passing yards, and Jack Coan had four touchdowns. Their defense had a great game, even though they let up 38 points. They got three interceptions, and two were by Kyle Hamilton, and one was by Clarence Lewis. The next week was another rough week but it showed a lot about them.

During week two, they competed against Toledo and won 32 to 29. This was a rough game for Notre Dame and they had to have an end-of-game drive to win. They did have 317 passing yards, and 449 total yards but had three turnovers which were two fumbles, and one interception. Their defense did not play that great this game but many players were injured and they had a few players in new positions.

Week three looked like Notre Dame is finally finding the rhythm that they need. They played against Purdue and won 27 to 13. Their defense did not look that amazing but their players look like they are slowly finding the right steps to getting better. They were able to hold Purdue to one 57 rushing yards. Their offense looked like they are better. They had 120 rushing yards and 223 passing yards. Jack Coan had 223 passing yards and 2 touchdowns.

Notre Dame needs to continue getting better and finding the team play they need. Their defense needs to stop the running game of Wisconsin because their secondary will be able to stop the pass. If their offense can continue to find the perfect mix of running and passing, then this game will not even be close.

Final Thoughts

Notre Dame is going to have to play a better game because Wisconsin is coming off a bye week and will be well-rested. Wisconsin is looking to have a big game against Notre Dame because of the big loss that they had in week one. Luckily for both teams, the game is at Soldier Field.

My Prediction: Notre Dame wins 24 to 10.

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