WNBA Power Rankings 7/22

The Chicago Sky top the WNBA power rankings for 7/22
Photo by Kamil Krzaczynski/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s time for another Fantom Sports Industries WNBA Power Rankings. Since our last rankings came out on 7/1 there hasn’t been any change at the top. But the rest of the teams are still trying to compete as we come down the last stretch of the regular season.

1. Chicago Sky (20-6) +0

The Chicago Sky not only have the best record this month (6-1) but they also have the best record in the WNBA. Chicago is second in offense and fourth in defense in July and have the second highest net rating in the league. A win against the strong Seattle Storm seal another top finish in the power rankings.

2. Las Vegas Aces (18-8) +0

Similarly to the first two power rankings where the Aces duplicated their record (5-1 in both stretches) they have done the same in round four going 4-3 once again. After starting the season scorching hot, they’ve been close to a .500 team. They still boast the best offense in the league (offensive rating of 113.6 this month) but are giving up the same rating on defense for a truly astounding 0.0 net rating. With that said, winning three straight games including a big game against the Connecticut Sun was enough to keep them in the second spot of the power rankings.

3. Seattle Storm (17-9) +0

Seattle is storming (I’m sorry) ahead and maintaining their top three spot in the power rankings. They’ve racked up the wins this month with five and suffered just two losses, with one being to the Sky. They are fifth in offense and second in defense over this stretch.

4. Connecticut Sun (17-9) +0

The Sun have risen (I just can’t help it) since our last power rankings going 4-2 this month (just 3-4 from June 10-July 1). They’re ranked just eighth in offense this month but are still third in defense. With two games against the Minnesota Lynx upcoming, they’ll want to take care of business before facing the Storm and Sky to finish out July.

5. Washington Mystics (17-11) +0

Holding steady among the tops of the league, the Washington Mystics have gone 4-2 so far in July. Their league best defense this month is keeping their 11th ranked offense afloat.

6. Atlanta Dream (12-15) +3

The Atlanta Dream are starting to get back on track as a .500 team this month by going 3-4. In our last power rankings they had slipped due to their elite defense ranking 11th from 6/10-7/1. The defense is starting to come back to form ranking them sixth in the league this month. Strong wins against the Storm and Aces also prop them back up to sixth in our rankings.

7. Dallas Wings (11-14) +1

The Dallas Wings continue to hover right around the middle of the league and have gone 2-3 so far in July. Their fourth ranked offense and a nice win against the Sun early this month are keeping them in the mix in the standings, and in these power rankings.

8. New York Liberty (9-17) -2

The New York Liberty have been the most volatile team in The W this season. Starting out as an average defensive team and last place offensive team, we saw a turnaround in June when their offense got hot (ranked third that month). We now see their offense cooling down (sixth this month) but with a league worst defense, leading to just a 1-6 record in July. They have drawn the league’s toughest schedule this month, facing the Aces three times as well as the Sun and Mystics. With two games agains the Sky upcoming, it could be more of the same for the Liberty to end the month.

9. Los Angeles Sparks (12-14) +1

The Los Angeles Sparks are starting to climb back into a good place within the league. They’ve gone 5-3 this month and are now sixth in the standings. However, none of those wins have come against a team with a winning record. And their seventh ranked offense and tenth ranked defense aren’t enough to climb them more than one spot up the ladder.

10. Minnesota Lynx (10-17) +1

The Minnesota Lynx have finally climbed out of the 11th spot in the rankings! They have gone 4-3 this month and have had wins against the Aces and Sky. They’ve also gotten themselves in the top five in both offense (third) and defense (fifth) this month. Just two games out of the seventh seed, this team is on track to continue to climb in these power rankings, and the league standings.

11. Phoenix Mercury (11-16) -4

The Phoenix Mercury are back in a tough stretch going just 2-4 so far this month. With games against the Sparks and Liberty to finish the month they could still turn things around. But a ninth ranked offense and eighth ranked defense in the month of July don’t invoke a lot of optimism.

12. Indiana Fever (5-23) +0

The Indiana Fever haven’t won a game since June 19th. They have the worst record in the league, the worst offense this month, and are last in offense and defense for the season. The lone team without an All-Star representative continues to have a disappointing season to say the least.

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