Week 1-2 WNBA Update

This week, I will discuss the early success of the number one pick out of Kentucky, Rhyne Howard. Destanni Henderson’s role in the WNBA, her new team, and how her minutes have gone down due to the signing of vet Danielle Robinson. Lastly how the Las Vegas Aces are the pinnacle of the WNBA’s symbol of growth and my personal favorite to win it all this year. I also talked about these topics on the Simon Short Podcast tune in and leave a comment to join the conversation.

Generational Talent in Atlanta

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Fans and experts alike knew Rhyne Howard would take the WNBA by storm simply off of her play in college and willingness to step up and close out games. Her height at 6’2, quickness, athleticism, and ability to control the floor from any spot allowed her to dominate in college. To no surprise, we are seeing the same thing in the WNBA. She averaged 20pts and 6 Rebs in college. It’s looking like she may keep those same numbers in the WNBA.

In her debut, she put up 16pts. In her next game against veteran-led Los Angeles Sparks put up 21pts. Howard’s highest ppg came against the Indiana fever with 33pts. She has already won eastern conference player of the week as a rookie. Due to that she became the first rookie to win the award in their first week in the league. It’s looking like Rhyne may not only win WNBA rookie of the year. She also has a strong chance of winning MVP. If she does accomplish that, she will be the first player to do so since Candace Parker in 2008.

Indy’s Guard Fever

Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Destanni Henny Henderson is a crowd favorite and a walking highlight show. Her play at South Carolina helped lead them to a national championship. Where she also put up a career-high during the title-winning game! She is one of the most marketable players in the league, and it seems the W has found that out very quickly. Her play on the court elevates her marketability to another level. Henny’s quickness, scoring ability, and IQ put her as one of the top guards in college basketball. So fans were shocked when she was picked so late in the draft by the Indiana Fever.

However, that didn’t matter because Indy found a gem. Henny worked her way up into the starting lineup for the first three games of the season. Destanni put up 19pts in her season-high in her second game against the LA sparks. Since then her numbers have fallen. However, she has also had fewer minutes. Due to the signing of veteran guard Danielle Robinson who has stepped into that starting role.

Danielle Robinson has the height and veteran IQ that the Fever may be looking for. Since this team is one of the youngest in the WNBA she may keep that spot throughout the season. The Fever are also a guard-heavy roster. Having close to 10/16 players at the guard position. However, the spot of controlling their offense seems to be a battle between Robinson and Henderson. It will be interesting to see how coach Stanley plays this out. Having two unique guards who can run the show and have take over performances could make or break this young team.

Viva Las Vegas

Tim Heitman/NBAE via Getty Images

The Las Vegas Aces are one of the pinnacles of the WNBA.They are one of the teams that showcase how far the WNBA has come in its first 25 years. The way that ownership has invested in the talent and management of this team. Is the way the league should look in the next 25 years. Signing Las Vegas Ace’s star A’ja Wilson to a league maximum deal, that will help move the needle forward for future players. While on the coaching side, the Aces have also signed their new head coach Becky Hammon to the highest contract in the league’s history!

Former WNBA All-Star, Spurs assistant coach, and all-around Basketball legend Becky Hammon will be running the coaching position for this star-filled team! The Aces are so full of talent at all positions I’m sure anyone of their bench players could honestly start on a different team. A team with players such as A’ja Wilson, Kelsey plum, Jackie young, Chelsea gray, and Dearica Hamby doesn’t seem to be fair to other teams. Their roster alone shows why they are ranked #1 in the West! I expect them to keep that spot for most of the season. Although there is some strong talent in the West. I think they will be hard to beat due to their seamless gameplay and ability to turn it up to another level at any point in the game.

The Aces have Kelsey Plum, who can take over and change a game in the blink of an eye. Jackie young who has been a superstar since she entered the league three years ago. The Aces also have one of the most dominant players in the game and one of the faces of the WNBA, A’ja Wilson, who is literally a walking double-double. Defensively, they make it hard for any opposing team to score consistently. They average 7 blocks a game and close to 6 steals a game. The West is hot right now, and it will be interesting to see how this star-packed team keeps the tempo moving through the season. They are my favorite and many others to win it all!

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