Wrestlemania 39 Most Likely Swerves

Wrestlemania 39
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Wrestlemania 39 is in Hollywood this year and is on a significant platform in Los Angeles. With the stakes being so high it could be in the realm of possibility that the WWE wants to put on a memorable show. The lights will be the brightest and the stars will be all over Wrestlemania weekend. So, in other words, some swerves, twists, and turns could be on the table. Some of our favorite matches might not be as straightforward as we thought.

John Cena Dethrones Austin Theory

In his very first WrestleMania as head of creative for WWE Triple H must put on a show that fans will not forget. Wrestlemania 39 can be the first step in a new direction that Triple H will want to go. The very first match of Wrestlemania 39 will be John Cena vs Austin Theory. This match will be for the United states championship. In reality, Theory should be the winner. However, in order to set the tone for a very exciting show Cena will be crowned U.S. champion here. Cena is known for holding multiple open challenges for the U.S. title. Therefore, his winning brings that to the forefront. Which could be undone rather quickly by holding his patented open challenges and dropping the title to someone else.

Charlotte Flair Beats Rhea Ripley

For years Charlotte Flair has won matches that she probably shouldn’t have won. Especially at Wrestlemania. For example, she beat Ronda Rousey one year at WrestleMania. Rousey should have won being the former MMA fighter and the character that needed the win more. As well as beating Auska and ending her 918-day winning streak in the WWE. Then finally beating Rhea Ripley for the NXT title. Ripley is a growing talent that deserves the win but it would be another swerve for Flair to win yet another Wrestlemania match. The character development and payoff are there that say Ripley should win.

Bianca Belair Goes 3-for-3 At Wrestlemania

Bianca Belair is the current Raw women’s champion and is looking to set her mark in the WWE. Belair will square off against Asuka at Wrestlemania 39 for the title. In fact in Belair’s previous Wrestlemania appearances, she has not lost in singles competition. Belair beat the former Sasha Banks in 2021 to win the title in which they were the very first African-American women to main event a Wrestlemania. In 2022 Belair beat Becky Lynch to make it two singles victories at the biggest show of the year. This year at Wrestlemania 39 Belair will try and make it three victories. Asuka hasn’t held the title for some time and she may be the one to benefit from a new title reign. Therefore her loss to Belair would be a big shock.

Roman Reigns Beats Cody Rhodes

According to wrestle-votes (bleacher report), they reported on March 21st that it’s not certain that Roman Reigns will be losing at Wrestlemania 39. Reigns has been champion for nearly 1,000 days and the WWE loves milestones such as this. With Reigns being the top dog now he has been a critical component to the financial success of WWE. He has been extraordinary in this character he has portrayed. It may be a tough ask for Triple H to put all the eggs in the Cody Rhodes basket. Rhodes has the fans on his side and would make for a great story if Rhodes becomes champion. However, if the goal and build-up for two-plus years are to make Reigns the greatest of all time. Then him reaching a title Reign that mirrors title runs like Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, and Bob Backlund. Therefore, above all, Reigns’ retention at Wrestlemania 39 would be an even bigger shock to WWE fans.

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