Wrestling plagued by Injuries

Wrestling plagued by injuries Photo Credit: WWE Hell in a Cell

Wrestling plagued by Injuries, and this is a tough time to be a wrestler or a wrestling fan. Multiple wrestlers in AEW and WWE are out with injury right now. Even one of the biggest names in the indies has gone down.


Randy Orton was the first of the major slew of injuries to strike in wrestling. Randy Orton suffered a severe back injury on Smackdown in may. There have been rumors that Randy Orton’s career might be over. But there is also a chance that this could be a work.

Next is Cody Rhodes, our guy in the photo for this article. Cody Rhodes suffered a pectoral tear just right before Hell in a Cell. In one of the gutsiest moments in wrestling history, he still wrestled the match. However, it has been reported by WWE that he will be out potentially for six months.


AEW has been hit with many injuries. CM Punk recently one the AEW World Title at Double or Nothing. However, on the first Dynamite after the show, he broke his foot. AEW will have an interim champion who will face CM Punk at a date to be determined. The Interim champion will be crowned at Forbidden Door.

Adam Cole suffered an injury, the nature of which hasn’t been confirmed. However, his injury is short term and he is expected to be back in time for Forbidden Door. He recently one the men’s Owen Hart Cup at Double or Nothing.

Bryan Danielson also has a short-term injury and is also said to be returning in time for Forbidden Door. The nature of which has also not been reported. However, for whatever reason, they said that Danielson couldn’t fly because of it.

The indy scene wasn’t spared from injuries either. NWA Champion Matt Cardona has taken the indy wrestling world by storm, however, he suffered a knee injury at GCW’s Downward Spiral. He continued the match, however. Matt Cardona said he’s looking at three or four months out of action.

Other reported recent injuries include Jeff Hardy, Scorpio Sky, and Anthony Bowens. There may be more but with so many injury reports, it is possible to miss a few. As Matt Cardona said, “There is No Good Time to have an injury.” Most of their wrestlers are being heavily pushed… and these injuries threaten to derail much of that. We’ll have to wait and see.

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