WWE Royal Rumble Review (10/28/2023)

Royal Rumble Review
Credit: WWE

Royal Rumble Review

The schedule of the matches felt a bit weird, but in the end, it was played out the way we predicted. Depending on where you stand, this may have been the Best or the Worst Royal Rumble in recent history. Here’s our Royal Rumble review:

Men’s Royal Rumble

There was a lot to unpack during this match from many storylines continuing and trending toward the end. However, there were also some that were set up for the future. Though nobody expected Gunther and Sheamus to last as long as they did, that was well played out. Gunther may be a future World Heavyweight Champion. The biggest surprise for many, was when Rey Mysterio never came out but his son, Dominik came out one pick later with Rey’s mask. This is building up for a Father vs. Son match at Wrestlemania. Though, I Dacota Haynes, will say that I called the return of Edge. It played out better than expected, with the ‘Rated-R Superstar’ eliminating two members of ‘The Judgement Day’, then those two members combined to eliminate him. Afterward, he chased and beat them down before Rhea Ripley came out. That wasn’t all though:

This storyline could also be set up for a Rey, Edge and Beth Phoenix vs Judgement Day matchup at Wrestlemania. There were a lot more stories in the Royal Rumble match, though one of the most extraordinary moments was that of Ricochet and Logan Paul:

Though in the end, as was expected it was Cody Rhodes winning as expected.

Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match

Okay, the way this match looked was actually cool. The neon glow and the action lined up perfectly. This match needs to stay around. As far as the way this one turned out, with no interference in the actual match. It had already been destined that Bray Wyatt was going to win this match. It was his first truly televised match in over two years. Whether the story here continues, what happened at the end was cool.

It’s going to be fun to see how the rest of the Wyatt storyline plays out.

Raw Women’s Championship

Alexa Bliss had some great moments in the matchup, but Bianca Belair came out on top once again. There was no distractions for either contestant this time around.

We have started to see the turn of Alexa Bliss and tonight was a perfect example of that. Give Bianca Belair credit, she was great in this match but Bliss portrayed the best version of herself at Royal Rumble. Bliss was in her prime when she was teamed with Wyatt in the past, and that could be where she’s headed again.

“Me and Alexa are connected forever,” Wyatt said in his press conference. “It’s just the way it’s gone, and where it leads, I don’t know, no one knows, but there will be something special at some point. It will be memorable.”

Women’s Royal Rumble

Doudrop has changed her name back to Piper Nevin, the Damage CTRL controlled most of the match, and Michelle McCool showed that she could still get one more big push. Outside of Nevin, Jax and McCool, there weren’t really any surprises. It was known that Chelsea Green would show, and she got the pop she deserved.

However, she didn’t get the moment she deserved. Green became the fastest elimination in a women’s royal rumble match. So this match played out the way it was expected with Rhea Ripley coming out on top.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

Roman Reigns’ title run is not going to end yet. With that being said, this was a great match between two dominant wrestlers who have a passion for the sport. With all eyes on Sami Zayn, you kind of knew that he was going to betray ‘The Bloodline’ tonight and that’s exactly what happened after Roman kicked out:

Roman Reigns delivered a superman punch and a spear to KO before returning his titles. After the match came the test for Sami Zayn, and he failed, not only did he fail but he betray ‘The Bloodline’.

After this Jey said, “I considered you as my brother.” Then the rest of ‘The Bloodline started beating the former ‘Honorary Uce’ up. Jey didn’t join in on the activity and was instead tearing up as he walked out. Has Jey Uso walked out on Roman and the rest of the faction? No, not yet, Jey was the last Bloodline member to give Sami his full trust and when he did Sami was making sacrifices for the family. The two have become close since that was until Zayn turned his back and proved Uso was correct in the beginning. His emotions got the best of him at the end of the show.

The ending of the show sets up a feud between Zayn and Jey, which will ultimately lead to Zayn and Owens facing The Usos for the tag titles at Wrestlemania. It could also set up a title match between Roman and Sami.

TL//DR: Royal Rumble Review

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