WWE Survivor Series – Five Takeaways

WWE Survivor Series
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This years WWE Survivor Series was set up to be great. For the first time, the War Games match has been used for Raw or Smackdown superstars. To the storylines and matchups that kept you on the edge of your seat. It was set up well but did the performance deliver?

Women’s Wargames Match Outperformed The Men

The women’s wargames match was filled with one amazing move after another. As far as in-ring ability, they shined on this pay-per-view. As far as wrestling performance they truly had maybe the best match of the night. Only rivaled by AJ Styles against Finn Balor. Becky Lynch’s return to the ring didn’t disappoint either. She didn’t show any signs of ring rust. The return didn’t overshadow the match and storylines as a whole, which was well done.

There were big spots everywhere. Crazy high-risk moves with weapons added kept fans in awe. Lynch jumped off the top of the cage to leg-drop two opponents through tables. She then pinned Dakota Kai for the win.

Ronda Rousey’s Still The Baddest Woman On The Planet

This one was no surprise for me. This was Shotzi’s fourth match. While Rousey is a veteran and in her prime. The odds were completely on the champions’ side. This match had a lot of upsides but turned out just ok for me. Both participants were fighting hard but Rousey was the better wrestler by far. Then when she was ready she put the younger challenger away with ease. Shotzi has a bright future but she wasn’t ready for this matchup yet.

It Is Austin Theory’s Time

From one young star who wasn’t ready, to one that was. The moment definitely wasn’t to big for Austin Theory. There were doubters going into the night. Theory had two veterans in their primes to deal with. Seth Rollins came in as United States Champion and Bobby Lashley looked to be the odds favorite to leave with it. Theory had other plans and came ready to take the belt back. His first run with the belt made him the youngest champion ever. Yet still, nobody thought he was ready. He proved last night at the WWE Survivor Series he was, by winning it back over two Top stars.

AJ Styles & Finn Balor – Two Of The Best Wrestlers of All Time

So we can’t act surprised, we already knew this. These two just proved us right with this match. It was the most technically sound, back-and-forth match I’ve seen in years. I have to say I didn’t want it to end. If you missed this one then you should go watch it. Even with their clicks outside the ring, it wasn’t decided by interference. It’s like their gangs wanted to see who was better as well. AJ Styles pulled out the victory but it really could’ve gone either way.

Sami Zayn Is Bloodline Family

The men’s Wargames was between the Bloodline and the Brawling Brutes with Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens. Owens coming back shocked everyone, including his best friend of 25 years Sami Zayn. There were definitely questions on if Zayn would betray the Bloodline for his friend. Owens even told him to with Jay Uso hearing it. So that was the main story going into the wargames match. The wrestlers didn’t disappoint with the action being wide-open and brutal throughout. There were a few spots where Zayn had his family’s back. Then he came face to face with his friend after saving Roman Reigns from being pinned. Zayn had to choose and he did as he put his friend away to prove his allegiance to the Bloodline.

Overall this year’s WWE Survivor Series was the best I’ve seen in years. I enjoyed watching from beginning to end with the storylines and drama on point. The in-ring action was amazing as well. Where to go from here? Well, I guess we’ll find out starting Monday on Raw.

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