WWE unveils new World Heavyweight Championship

WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Photo Credit: WWE

For days, weeks, and even months there have been rumors about a new championship coming into play. On Monday Night Raw, Triple H revealed the addition of the World Heavyweight Championship to the WWE title picture. With the brand going back to separate shows… RAW and SMACKDOWN. There is a need for two champions rather than one.

Roman Reigns has been great, in fact, he’s done something that is unheard of in modern wrestling years.

“Roman has done something smart,” Triple H stated. “He negotiated himself into a position where he doesn’t have to defend that championship as frequently.”

That’s something that sounds almost Brock Lesnar-esque. Even though, the Tribal Chief most certainly defends his title more than Lesnar did.

“It’s great for Roman Reigns but it is not great for the WWE,” Triple H continued. “WWE deserves more, You Deserve More.”

With the upcoming WWE Draft, it was confirmed that Roman Reigns will be drafted to and stay on one brand and one brand only. So with the announcement of the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship, there are multiple superstars who deserve to be classified as a champion. That new champion will be crowned at Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia.

“This will be a champion you can be proud of. This will be a champion you can respect, that you can admire. The new champion will defend his title anywhere, anyplace. All over the world. This champion will not have to demand your acknowledgment, he will earn it.”

This is all great news for the future landscape but still one question remains: When will see Roman’s reign end?

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