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WWE is entering another period of uncertainty; their top guy Roman Reigns will begin to cut back his work schedule with the company. This is like the other top guys who have led the charge before Roman, you go from full-time, to part-time, and eventually end with actively pursuing a different adventure and only making sparse appearances once in awhile when the company comes calling. This is the cycle of life for WWE’s top guys, as they build their resume, more opportunities outside of wrestling come calling. With a changing of the guard coming in the few years, this is what WWE can do to make the transition a bit easier on themselves.

Establish Other Stars:

            The problem WWE faces right now without Roman is they do not have many other established stars to help carry the program. They have guys like Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre who can all be main event level guys and headline pay per views, but they are not viable threats to potentially dethrone Roman Reigns when he does defend the championship, with his new schedule. WWE is currently building up Cody Rhodes to potentially be the guy to be able to do so but forcing it too quickly will only turn the fans against Cody, like AEW and that is what WWE needs to avoid. WWE will want to do some potential NXT call-ups or use the recent ones efficiently to make the future feel brighter. Gunther and Tommaso Ciampa are two names that come to mind being built up on the main roster, due to recent call ups. WWE can also look to call Bron Breakker along to the main roster, like they were teasing in recent months. LA Knight and his stable he is forming off television can also be viable options. WWE has the talent in house to help fill the void of some Roman-less shows but have to start pushing said superstars.

Sign MJF & Other Potential Free Agents:

            WWE in recent years have gotten a rid of talent that currently fill the free agent pool, along with AEW allowing contracts to expire gives WWE some options to bring some names in to help keep the weekly television exciting. Obviously, MJF and his contract expiration are a couple of years away, so he is more for after Roman has really moved to part-time, but if WWE can secure him, he will be huge for them going into the future as he will only be about 27 when he is brought in. This gives them their next big heel, that can be used for more than the next decade. On the free-agent market you also have previous released names such as Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, and Braun Stroman to bring back. All 3 men were fan favorites when they were apart of WWE and can help fill the void that is missing when Roman is not around. Along with also serving as contenders for when he does pop back up and need a potential opponent.

Bring Back Old Legends:

            Lastly, WWE can do their favorite pass-time when they need to freshen up the product and continue to use old legends to keep things interesting. Obviously, fans do not always want to see this, but a few times a year to help through the down points can never hurt. Plus having them at the Premium Live Events, that Roman Reigns may not be working at would be great to help still give star power to the card. You do not even have to do all-time legends or the biggest names the company has ever seen. Bring back some guys from the 2010’s and 2000’s to change up the names brought in. WWE has had a lot of good talent over the years that has come and gone those fans would love to see back to entertain them once again.

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