Yankees Bats are back?

New York Yankees relief pitcher Nestor Cortes delivers a pitch during the seventh inning against the Los Angeles Angels at Yankee Stadium on June 29, 2021.Vincent Carchietta / USA TODAY Sports via Reuters

Yankees on a streak

The New York Yankees are on a five game winning streak. Pushing themselves back into the wild card race and potentially the divisional race. Although Yankee fans may seem happy with the win streak, they must keep themselves in control. Stars like Gerit Cole, Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge have all been stepping up for the struggling Yankee lineup.

The Yankees were in dire need of a little shake up, and the trade deadline was just the thing that they needed. Although they didn’t go all out for some trades, they got some superstars. With the likes of Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo coming to the Yankees. Some exciting prospects for the future may be Deivi Garcia, Jasson Dominguez. But that won’t be in next few years

How have the new boys settled in

Well we can say that Anthony Rizzo has settled into the Bronx atmosphere just fine, while Joey Gallo has taken a bit longer to settle in. But will they be able to keep up wit their current form to help propel the Yankees into the playoffs? With a record of 61-49, the Yankees stand 5.5 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays. The Yankees need to maintain their focus on keeping up this winning streak. As they have struggled agains their main division rivals. Although they have make a few keys moves, they will need everything from these new guys. The Yankees hope that Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo perform well enough that they sign new contracts.

Team struggles

Although they are doing great with the bats. The pitching is the weakness as the starting pitcher, relief and closing have struggled all season long. Although Gerrit Cole has not been struggling, closer Aroldis Chapman has been at the end of a lot of criticism. Chapman has been struggling most of the year closing out games. But not only the pitching is struggling. Their main rivals. The Boston Red Sox have been in full control against the Yankees. Winning most of the series against the Yankees. Although their recent series was put on hold due to Yankee covid positive tests.

Will the Yankees and their new stars be able to propel the Yankees into the playoffs? Or will it end in disappointment.

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