A Tag Team in honor of Bray Wyatt

There are many ways that WWE can honor the legacy of Bray Wyatt. Some have suggested letting Bo Dallas continue the legacy as Uncle Howdy. Though, there’s one route the WWE could go that nobody has thought about.

The WWE featured a touching tribute for Bray Wyatt to open Friday Night Smackdown on 8/25, the day after Bray’s death. With the traditional 10-bell salute they honored both Terry Funk and Windham Rotunda. To much surprise, standing front and center was both Braun Strowman, who has been out with a neck injury, and Erick Rowan. Two former members of the Wyatt Family. Bringing in the latter, while he’s not under contract with the WWE was a class act.

The latter is not currently under contract with the WWE, following his release during the pandemic. Rowan, Also known as Erick Redbeard has appeared on AEW on numerous occasions. He was also present for the Brodie Lee tribute.

Whether or not, this sparks a new chapter between Rowan, whose real name is Joseph Ruud, has yet to be determined. How will the WWE honor one of it’s most creative superstars? The plans for the Wyatt 6 and the storyline that was in plans, before Bray got Covid, had to be known by Vince McMahon or Triple H. If not, what if the WWE created a new-ish tag team called “The Sheeps of Wyatt” that features Strowman and Rowan? It could freshen up the tag team division, which for a while has seemed a little dead.

Maybe they could include Windham’s real life brother, Taylor Rotunda, AKA Bo Dallas. Potentially even Alexa Bliss, who was at the peak of her career while working alongside Bray. This would be a great honor and ode to Bray Wyatt, forming something that he helped create. Though, it may not be the same without him, it would be dedicated to him.

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