Aaron Donald Dual Wields Helmets In Joint Practice Vs. Bengals

Aaron Donald Dual Wields Helmets In Joint Practice Vs. Bengals
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The joint practice Thursday consisted of a few fights between the Rams and Bengals. The final day of practice got cut short after Aaron Donald was the center of attention in a brawl. The two sides are familiar with one another, they just recently squared off in Super Bowl 56. Seeing tensions rise in joint practices is to be expected, however, this may have been a little overboard.

How Bad Was It?

Aaron Donald was wielding a helmet in each hand and was swinging them around. There were reportedly multiple fights on Thursday, but the one centered around Donald was the largest.

La’el Collins reportedly threw Leonard Floyd’s helmet at him in one of the other fights. This led to players from both sides getting into it. It is reported that Floyd and Collins fought a second time in the brawl revolving around Donald. Luckily nobody got injured on Thursday.

What Are The Repercussions?

Tom Pelissero reported that the league does not oversee players’ overall conduct at practice. This leaves any disciplinary action up to teams. This makes it unlikely there will be any suspensions for Thursday’s fights. Neither head coach would comment on what started the scuffle, but both coaches agreed to end practice early to prevent any further conflict. Both teams will look to Saturday’s final preseason game to hash out any differences the two teams still have.

Coaches’ Thoughts

Sean McVay commented on Thursday’s joint practice saying, “Fortunately, my understanding is nobody got hurt and we’ll move on from it. Not going to make a bigger deal than what it is”. Bengals Head Coach, Zac Taylor, said “I won’t get into what happened, it’s over, we got two days of work in and everybody’s healthy”. It seems like nothing major will come of this, so don’t worry Rams fans. Aaron Donald therefore won’t be facing a suspension.

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