Adam Silver addresses Lillard and Harden trade requests

Star players such as Damian Lillard and James Harden have made their trade requests complex for their respective teams. In fact, the NBA has already threatened to fine Lillard and his agent if he doesn’t report to training camp. Recent reports have come out stating that Lillard will not attend training camp for any team other than the Trail Blazers or Miami Heat. Commissioner Adam Silver further stressed the league’s stance on the trade requests after Wednesday’s Board of Governors meeting in New York.

“In terms of trade demands, of course, don’t like them,” Silver said. “As a league, want players and teams to honor their contracts. And I’m watching both the situation in Portland and Philadelphia, and hope they get worked out to the satisfaction of everyone before the season starts. And I’m glad that things seem to have settled down somewhat, at least in terms of public discourse.”

In the case of James Harden, the NBA fined the Philadelphia star for his actions and comments towards Daryl Morey. As Adam Silver mentioned, the NBA of course does not like trade requests but will tolerate them if done so in a respectful manner. These two situations have not been done in a respectful manner. Lillard has set his preferred destination for Miami, while Harden has stated he want to go to Los Angeles (Clippers). The trade talks for both players have gone stagnant here in the dog days of the NBA.

As we approach training camps in less than one month, that could all change. Though for now the status of both players heading into the 2023-2024 season remains on the NBA’s biggest unsolved mysteries. That being said, the NBA Front Office disapproves of the trade requests.


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