What does Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles Injury mean for the Jets?

With Aaron Rodgers Achilles injury known, the Jets will either turn to a familiar face in Zach Wilson or find another quarterback that can mesh chemistry with the young guys. Either way, what the Jets gave up to gamble on the 40-year-old is quite lengthy and not the good kind. What the Jets gave up in the Aaron Rodgers trade may go down as one of the biggest gambles in sports history.

While, they will avoid giving the Packers an additional first-round pick since Rodgers will not play 65% of the snaps. The Jets gave up a lot for a player who wound up playing only four players during the 2023 season.

The Jets traded for Rodgers because they had little faith in former 2021 first-round pick Zach Wilson, who was selected second overall, in front of Mac Jones and Justin Fields. Now, they are back to where they started, trusting Zach Wilson or an alternative option in signing a free agent quarterback or trading for one.

Some options that are available are Carson Wentz, Cam Newton, Nick Foles, Joe Flacco, and Matt Ryan (He said he is not officially retired). Trade options could be Jacoby Brissett, Jameis Winston, and Cooper Rush.

For the Jets season as a whole, assuming they stick with Wilson, they are a sub-.500 team even with winning the opener against the Bills on a walk-off punt return for a touchdown in overtime. The Jets, however, do hold the 25th strength of schedule (SOS), so they could be better than people think, with Rodgers mentoring Wilson.

The defense will be counted on heavily, the running game, and Garrett Wilson, as well. It is a big blow, though, for the Jets to lose a future hall-of-fame quarterback. This could be it for Aaron Rodgers career as well, given his age and severity of the injury.

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