Browns Cautiously Optimistic About Nick Chubb’s Knee Injury

After a week of hearing all the bad reports of how terrible his injury is, a positive report is great to see. Nick Chubb’s injury doesn’t seem to be as bad as first thought. A new tweet by Ian Rapoport stated that a source told him they are optimistic that Chubb could make a full recovery. It was first predicted that the NFL star running back might not recover from the horrific knee injury.

Rapoport said that Chubb suffered a torn MCL which will need to be repaired. The good news was that even though there is damage to his ACL it doesn’t seem like it will need to be fully repaired. This is great news as the star running back for the Browns could make a full recovery.

Most have seen the video clips by now of the hit that caused the running back’s injury. Chubb was carrying the ball when he was wrapped up by a Pittsburgh defender. Then in the same second, another Steeler player hit the front and outside of Chubb’s knee bending it backwards. The network didn’t show a replay because of how gruesome it looked. Yet the clip of it was soon all over social media for everyone to view.

It’s almost a certainty that Nick Chubb will miss the remainder of this season which is bad for the Cleveland Browns. Yet still, after seeing the injury footage and hearing the first dooming reports, news of a full recovery is awesome. Of course, he still has a long road back and updates will keep coming in. We only hope that Nick Chubb’s injury situation keeps getting better with every new update.

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