Browns vs Saints Week 16 Preview

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The Browns vs Saints in week 16 will take place on Christmas Eve with a lot surrounding both teams, severe weather in Cleveland will be a major factor. At 5-9, the Saints still have a chance to win their division and will be playing for that title. With the tandem of Taysom Hill and Alvin Kamara in the game, it may set up for an interesting game. Defensively the Browns struggle to stop the run. However, on the opposite side of the ball, Cleveland runs it better than anyone while the Saints have their own run-stopping struggles. With the weather being a major factor both teams’ run games will be heavily featured.

Browns Offense vs Saints Defense

As shown above, severe weather in Cleveland will contribute heavily during this game. With Blizzard conditions, high winds of 30 mph, and below-freezing temperatures there won’t be many passes thrown. Recently the Browns have struggled in the run game. Since the injury to starting center Ethan Pocic the offensive line has struggled to open up running lanes. However, Pocic will be activated for this game Sunday and it will help. The Saints defensively give up 132.6 rushing yards a game. Missing key players on defense the Saints will be limited in how they can stop the Browns.

Browns Defense vs Saints Offense

For the Saints, the rushing attack will lead the charge as well. The Saints average 111.3 rushing yards per game and will look to utilize that this Sunday against a struggling Browns defense. Of all the weaknesses Cleveland has the run game is the biggest. As a result, the Browns give up 133.1 yards per game. A week ago against the Ravens, they surrendered 198 rushing yards. The Ravens running backs were averaging 7.1 yards a carry. New Orleans can use Kamara and Hill to put stress on that defense. In addition, Kamara had 21 carries for 91 yards, while Hill added seven rushes for 30 yards.

Saints Keys To Victories

The number one thing for the Saints will be to run the ball and take advantage of their opponent’s weaknesses. The Browns’ opponents have found success in the run game against them. However, they have moved away from continuing to use the run game in their favor. New Orleans must continue on the attack. Additionally using their dynamic players in Hill and Kamara will power them through. Defensively they cannot give up big plays in the run game or the unscripted plays to Deshaun Watson. Watson and the offense have been finding more of a rhythm each week and the Saints cannot allow them to fully click this week.

Browns Keys To Victories

The Cleveland Browns must use Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt a lot in this game for them to be successful. Additionally, head coach Kevin Stefanski must continue to allow Watson to run his offense. Utilizing Chubb, Hunt, and Watson and the field together will create the opportunity for dynamic plays. As well it would keep the defense guessing. On defense, they must continue to play better overall. Therefore, they must continue to create turnovers and win the game in the trenches.


For Both teams running the ball will result in success for them. The Browns and Saints both still have slight playoff hopes that they will be playing for. New Orleans still has an opportunity to win the division. Can the Browns catch the Ravens for second in the division? Doing so that may create a direct path to the playoffs for the Cleveland Browns.

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