Bulls Fear Lonzo Ball ‘may never play again’

Bulls Lonzo Ball 'may never play again'
AP Photo/Tim Heitman

Injuries are a part of sports; we all know that. However, watching a young player’s career evaporate due to injury always hits a little worse. They flash talent on display with promises of stardom only for their body to betray them. No matter if it’s Greg Oden, Grant Hill, Victor Oladipo, etc. it’s always a tough pill to swallow. Unfortunately, the Chicago Bulls may believe Lonzo Ball is headed down that path.

Per 670 The Score’s Dan Bernstein, the team has started to fear the worst outcome for it’s young point guard.

“The other thing I heard is even though publicly there has been an expression of guarded optimism regarding a future for Lonzo Ball,” Bernstein said. “And there’s a reason why for you’re pursuant to all kinds of union issues, why they haven’t asked for the salary exemption yet because they don’t want to send the message publicly that they’re done with him. They don’t think it’s likely that he ever plays again.”

On March 16, reports came in that Ball would need a third surgery on his right knee costing him the 2023-2024 season. This injury sidelined Ball since Jan. 14, 2022 after he left a game due to knee soreness. After further testing, it became clear Ball had a small tear in his meniscus.

The Bulls do appear to be going through all available options before calling it quits on him. The surgery Ball will be going through isn’t a regular meniscus tear surgery but a meniscus transplant. It’s a procedure that uses the patient’s own cartilage cells to repair the damaged cartilage in the body. It’s at least comforting to know that the Bulls aren’t completely out on Lonzo Ball yet.

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