CJ McCollum Confident Lillard Is Staying In Portland

CJ McCollum
Sam Forencich/Getty Images

CJ McCollum was a rookie during Damian Lillard’s sophomore year. Since that year the two guards have become very good friends, if not his best friend. So if anyone knows where Dame would be leaning where he is, it would be CJ McCollum. The two guards are very similar in the fact that they both came out of small schools.

He was most recently on the latest episode of The Woj Pod, where McCollum and Woj talked about Dame during the final 13 minutes.

“I don’t want to speak for him, but having a close relationship. Dame and I talk every day, every other day. (Whether) it be from sending memes to sending videos to each other, to serious talks about our season, what it takes to win, what it’s gonna take to win a championship,” said CJ McCollum. “I have a pretty good sense of where he’s at, his goal is to win a championship, at the end of the day that’s what we all want. To put ourselves in the best position to win a championship. He’s all in, At this state, I think I can say he’s all in. He just wants to win, at the end of the day. I think he’s shown historically that he is the type of person that if someone comes out with something that is not true, he will correct it. On all accounts, based on what I have heard, and what I have seen, he just wants to win a championship, and he wants to do it in Portland. We’ve talked about the parade route, what that would look like and feel like. That’s our goal and his goal. But all we can do is improve.”

You can listen to the full episode right here.

CJ also went on to talk about his feelings and talks with Chauncey Billups. He mentioned that he told Chauncey to hold him, and Dame and Nurk accountable. He mentioned that everyone has been working on their game.

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