College Footballs Biggest Surprises This Season

College Footballs Biggest Surprises
Alabama has fallen short of their normal dominant seasons this year.

Every preseason we all love looking at every team and predicting who will be playoff contenders. Then we learn what we were right and wrong about as the season unfolds. So now with most this season behind us let’s check out college Footballs biggest surprises. The shockingly good and terribly disappointing of them all.

Completely disappointing; Texas A&M

Texas A&M has to be the biggest disappointment of the year. The off-season looked so promising as they brought in the number one recruiting class. Also, head coach Jimbo Fisher is known as one of the top coaches in college football. So it’s easy to see with the talent and coaching why everyone expected so much from the Aggies. Yet that didn’t come to fruition and they have struggled in most of their games, losing a handful of those. Next year should look brighter with more experience for all that talent but then again do we dare expect greatness again next year?

Pleasantly Surprised: Tennessee

The Tennessee Volunteers started the season with an offensive assault on every team they played. Hendon Hooker has had a Heisman-worthy season so far. They managed to outscore everyone they played and went undefeated for most of the season. Their highest point was getting a huge win over Alabama at home in a close game. The Volunteers’ only blemish came to defending National Champions the Georgia Bulldogs. Even with that lopsided loss to Georgia, Tennessee is still playoff contender depending on how the rest of the season plays out.

Playoff Contenders that was completely surprising

A couple of teams surprised football fans and analysts alike. Kansas is one that had everyone’s attention but TCU is a true contender who is undefeated and looking to be in this year’s playoffs. I can admit TCU wasn’t one of my picks in the preseason. Yet they’ve shown each time they are tested that they are playoff material.

Disappointing seasons

There could be any number of teams here. I mean every fan expects their team to be good until they aren’t. There’s one that everybody just expects to be head and shoulders above the rest and for the first time in what seems like an eternity, they fell short. Alabama looks to be out of the playoffs with two losses. Both were to the top ten ranked teams in Tennessee and LSU, but that still doesn’t soften the fall much. The craziest part is there’s not one thing you can point to and say, that’s why they lost. Star quarterback Bryce Young has played phenomenally, and the running game and receivers are great as usual. The defense was maybe the weakest it’s been but still good enough to win. They just seem to lack the gritty, win-at-all-costs attitude we’ve grown accustomed to. One thing I’m completely confident about is that Nick Saban will get the Tide back to the scary powerhouse we know them to be.

Well, I’m sure there are plenty of surprises yet to cover as well as plenty that’ll happen before seasons end. This is the first College Footballs Biggest surprises, but surely won’t be the last. We are looking at six to eight playoff contenders all trying to crack the top four in the next few weeks. Let the chaos begin and we will be back to cover the madness.

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