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Could Adam Duvall Fix The Red Sox Outfield?

Adam Duvall
Mandatory Credit: Curtis Compton

The Red Sox Outfield Needs Improvement.

The Red Sox are heading into the 2023 season with a lot of holes in their lineup. The starting pitching could be better, the middle infield is full of question marks, and the outfield is also unsure. With the loss of Xander Bogaerts, and now the loss of Trevor Story due to surgery on his UCL, it seems Kiké Hernandez is one of the most likely candidates to take over in the middle infield. This move brings a lot of issues. The biggest one being the poor defense in the outfield, with Kiké being the only bright spot in centerfield. Masataka Yoshida is one of the newest additions to the Red Sox outfield. But with no experience in the MLB yet, and many comments on his average glove in his time in Japan, there are reasons to worry about how he will hold up with the Green Monster behind him.

The Red Sox have been linked to free agent outfielder, Adam Duvall, who is one of the best defenders in baseball right now. Duvall won his first gold glove award in 2021 with the Atlanta Braves, and also mashed 38 home runs that season. 2022 was a down year for Duvall, with a slash line of .213/.276/.401 with 12 home runs. While the bat was not what it was in the previous year, Duvall’s glove remained solid. In 2022, Duvall was within the 88th percentile in outs above average with 5 OAA in the outfield.

Is Adam Duvall A Good Fit?

2022 was downright messy in the outfield for the Red Sox. We saw a ball get lost in the sky not once, but twice last season. One of the blunders resulting in an inside the park grand slam. Not only has the outfield been tough to watch, but the production just isn’t there. In 2022, the Red Sox outfield ranked 22nd in the major leagues with -4. Adding a premiere glove like Adam Duvall to this outfield can help improve the defense exceedingly. While the bat isn’t what it was in 2021, the Red Sox need another right-handed hitter, and the power could still be there. And with the green monster in play for half the season, it could benefit Duvall’s swing immensely. 

While the lineup seems to be more unsure by the day, there is still reason to believe the Red Sox can play good baseball in 2023. There are still changes that need to be made, but there are definitely options that are still in play. Adam Duvall could help turn the outfield around, it’s just a matter of if the Red Sox are willing to pull the trigger and sign him.

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