David Krejci Retires After 16 Seasons in NHL

Boston Bruins Center, David Krejci, announced his retirement from the NHL this week. The 37-year-old from Sternberk, Czech Republic played 16 seasons, all of which he skated with the Boston Bruins.

In an interview, Krejci said that, “I wanted to take my time and really think things over because you don’t want to make a decision when the emotions are going through you. I just realized there’s never a right time, never a right moment to retire from NHL, but I felt like it was time. I knew my body couldn’t take 82 games anymore. That was the decision.”

David Krejci first joined the Boston Bruins in 2006. Over his career, Krejci played in 1,032 games and an additional 160 playoff games. Krejci retires having scored 231 goals, and 555 assists, totaling in 786 points in the regular season. Among all-time Boston Bruins, Krejci finished 9th overall in points, just 7 short of Wayne Cashman. Krejci’s 555 assists are also 5th most among all Boston Bruins.

In his 160 playoff games, Krejci scored 43 goals and 85 assists, for a total of 128 points. Those 128 playoff points place Krejci in a three-way tie for 2nd most playoff points among Boston Bruins skaters. The two players Krejci is tied with are former teammates Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand.

There were two seasons where Krejci hit a career-high 23 goals in the regular season. The first of which was the 2011-2012 season, where Krejci would go on to score another 12 goals in 25 playoff games. The Bruins would go on to win the Stanley Cup that year in Game Seven, over the Vancouver Canucks. The second season Krejci hit 23 goals was the 2016-2017 season.

David Krejci also hit a career-high in points in two different seasons. In 2008-2009, Krejci tallied 73 points off of 22 goals and 51 assists. Krejci also played in all 82 regular season games that season. Then in the 2018-2019 season, Krejci had 20 goals and 53 assists, missing only one regular season match.

When asked about what moments he’ll look back on cherish, Krejci replied, “The best memories, you create in the dressing room, on the road, and just being around the guys. Fortunately for me, I was on a team with such great guys, and for such a long time.”

Congratulations to David Krejci on an incredible career.

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