ESPN Tested ‘Red Zone’ Style Broadcast for College Football

The Red Zone style of broadcasts has become a hot commodity for ESPN. Over the past month they have introduced a hockey broadcast called ‘Frozen Frenzy’ and now they’ve tested one at the collegiate ranks. The new show called “College Football PrimeTime” is a big hit after the first night. The new show which correlated with and brought to you by The Pat McAfee Show and Reece Davis.

NFL Red Zone has been a staple for years and its long overdue that other sports get a similar broadcast by ESPN. NHL’s Frozen Frenzy was a huge success last week. There is a catch though when it comes to the new College Football show. A lot of games are shown on other shows such as ABC, CBS, Fox and more. Those games can’t be featured live… only ESPN games can. That’s not to say there won’t be some big games. There were on Saturday. They can show highlights and big

Those include: Iowa State vs. No. 22 Kansas, No. 24 USC vs. No. 5 Washington, Rice vs. SMU, Mississippi State vs. Kentucky, North Carolina State vs. Miami and UTEP vs. Western Kentucky.

But wait… hasn’t College Football had a style of broadcast like this before? You may remember ESPN Goal Line. The show started in 2010 was a failure. The average fan probably didn’t even know it existed. It was marketed horribly and just didn’t have the big appeal. Things are different now. The Pat McAfee show is popular. College Football has become more popular over the years. Its taken a long time for it to be tried again but better late than never.

It’s not clear if this will be a one-off show or if ESPN plans to make it a weekly show moving forward. That will probably depend on the ratings and viewership. Overall, this is a great idea and McAfee is the best person for it. He brings the excitement in those short windows and has been a success on College GameDay.

What are your thoughts on the segment? Is this something you’re looking forward to or will you just watch the normal broadcast? Feel free to drop your thoughts in below.


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