Favorite Dramatised Wins Queen Mary Stakes

Photo via NBC Sports

The Queen Mary Stakes opened up the second day of racing in the Royal Ascot yesterday with Dramatised winning with ease. Dramatised won by more than a length from the second place horse but more importantly gave Jockey Daniel Tudhope his third overall win in the Royal Ascot. Dramatised did a great job in the race and was one of the front runners at the start of the race right out of the gate. Previously before coming into the Queen MAry Stakes, Dramatised won the Newmarket to make her record at 1-0 out of 1 race. Dramatised’s odds were also at 3-1 at the start of the race and she was the frontrunner to win in the race and many bettors, like myself, chose her to win.

One thing most of us did not choose was for MayLandSea, the second place horse, to place. MayLandSea was at 28-1 odds at the start of the race but put up a pretty thrilling performance as for some while it looked like she could have narrowly beaten out Dramatised however that as we know fell short. Third place went to Maria Branwell, also front runner for the Queen Mary Stakes. Love Reigns, the third favorite was unable to keep momentum and ended up in fourth place behind the rest of the pack. Jockey Daniel Tudhope can now take a big deep breath as he carries three wins so far in this eventful Royal Ascot. The Norfolk Stakes is set to open up the third day of racing in the Royal Ascot, to watch you can go to NBCSports.com or their app live streaming starts at 8:30, first post is at 9:30am eastern standard time. 

Live stream link is located down below: https://www.nbcsports.com/video/royal-ascot-2022-dramatised-ire-wins-queen-mary-stakes-second-start

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