Gable Steveson, where will he go next?

Gable Steveson
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Gable Steveson turned himself into one of the hottest free agents in sports this past summer. Following his dramatic last second gold medal win in the olympics, many wonder what exactly is next for Gable Steveson? The options are limitless. Some make a lot of sense, and some are just out of left field. But at the end of the day, Gable Steveson is in a position where he has to decide how he wants to play this. Does he go where he can get the most money? Or maybe where he sees himself staying long term the most? Only he knows, but here’s just a few of the options he might be considering.

1. WWE

Gable Steveson, WWE superstar. That does have a pretty nice ring to it. And surely Vince McMahon shares that opinion as well. Going back to before the olympics during his time wresting at the University of Minnesota, Gable Steveson made it known that he was a fan of the WWE. He has known fellow Golden Gopher wrestling alumni and WWE superstar Brock Lesnar for most of his life. Many think that the relationship between the two will lure Steveson to WWE. Former WWE superstar Kurt Angle has already proved that the transition could work from olympic gold medalist to WWE superstar. Though Gable didn’t do it with “a broken freakin neck” as Kurt Angle would say. WWE is a great option because he can become a big star there. And if he decides to do MMA after, he is already a household name.

2. UFC

If it was not for Gable Steveson’s clear love for WWE his whole life, this option would seem like a foregone conclusion. Former olympians make the transition to MMA quite often. Henry Cejudo who won gold in freestyle wrestling in 2008. He would then go on to become a two division champion in the UFC. Daniel Cormier also became a two weight world champion in the UFC, another former olympian. Kayla Harrison, although not in the UFC, has quickly become a popular name in MMA after winning two gold medals in judo at the olympics. Steveson has teased UFC fans by tweeting at UFC president Dana White, a gesture that many were unsure to make of. But make no mistake, if the UFC is where Gable Steveson wants to be, they will make that happen.

3. Bellator MMA

While still clearly not on the level of the UFC, Bellator has shown in the last few years that they can still hang around. A roster with a lot of UFC vets and a lot of up and coming fighters, Bellator is a hardcore fight fans dream. And it could not be more perfect timing for Bellator to show that they can mold a fighter into a star with the emergence of AJ Mckee. Mckee was 0-0 when he was signed by Bellator, and he is now one of the biggest stars in the sport. So they could definitely do the same with Steveson. Not only that, but Bellator has a few fighters currently and in the past that have done pro wrestling on the side while under contract with Bellator. If Steveson decides he can’t chose between the two, Bellator might just be a way to do both.

Gable Steveson really has no bad options

None of the options listed out are bad options for Gable Steveson. Each one of them has their pros, each one of them has their cons. There is opportunity to make a lot of money with all of these. And most importantly, every single one of these options want Gable Steveson to choose them. So it really is up to him. He said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA hour that he would like to announce his decision in October. So anyone who believes they have a shot to get him will be waiting by the phone hoping to get that phone call.

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