How The Jaguars Could Win The AFC South

Lawrence dives for the Endzone
Trevor Lawrence dives for the touchdown. Brandon Todd/Jacksonville Jaguars

With a win against the Jets on Thursday Night Football, the Jaguars have set themselves up nicely to potentially win the division. With just two games left on the season, this is how the Jaguars could get into the playoffs.

Titans Road to the Division

The 7-7 Titans have three games left to play. The Titans schedule the next three weeks is

vs Texans

vs Cowboys


Ryan Tannehill is potentially done for the year after sustaining another ankle injury. Malik Willis will be starting for the Titans, and this is where it gets interesting. Based on the Titans play the last few weeks, it’s safe to say they should beat the Texans and most likely will lose to the Cowboys. This Titans team has really limped towards the finish line, as the injuries and distractions in the building are starting to add up. With everything that has happened to them though, the Titans still hold the division lead. A win this week against the Texans would give them a one game lead, where a loss would see them fall behind the Jaguars. With the Jaguars being as hot as they have been, now the Titans must win out. The Jaguars own the tiebreaker, so the Titans cannot afford any losses.

From fired GM, to the OC getting a DUI, this Titans team has had its struggles. If they can find a way to win out, it will be them representing the AFC South not the Jaguars. This will be a huge three game stretch for the Titans to finish the season. They will really have to rely on Derrick Henry to help carry them down the stretch, especially if Tannehill is out.

Jaguars Road to the Division

For the Jaguars, they only have two games left this season

@ Houston

vs Tennessee

Trevor Lawrence is playing some really good ball right now. Along with that, Doug Pederson has completely changed around this team. Once known as “Clown Town”, no one really took the Jaguars seriously at the beginning of the year, let alone the past two years. However, down the stretch, the Jaguars have started to hit their stride. They have responded very well to Pederson, and you can see the full buy-in from the team. Travis Etienne as well has become a solid machine on the ground, and has proved why he should be a three down bellcow back. This team has a different swagger right now, and are up there with the Lions as the hottest teams in football.

It is very simple for the Jags on how to get in. All they have to do is win both of their last games. Owning the tiebreaker is huge, as if the Jags win against the Texans, week 18 is for all the marbles. They could also benefit  if the Titans find a way to lose their next two before they play the Jaguars.

Compared to the Titans, Houston is a way better matchup than the Cowboys for the Jaguars. If the Jaguars can keep this up, all roads will lead to DUUUVAL County as the Jaguars play for a postseason berth. These are two teams to keep an eye on the next two weeks, as it looks like the AFC South will come down to week 18. The Jaguars have not hosted or been in the playoffs since that 2017 run. With them only being two wins away, this will be a fun last two weeks of Jaguars football.

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