Kevin Durant Is Nearing Odd Territory

Kevin Durant
Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

It is no question that Kevin Durant is one of the best players the game has seen and one of the best pure scorers. But since he left Golden State, he has been unable to do anything as the Number 1 guy. Brooklyn Nets? Failure. First-year with the Suns? Failure. He can’t seem to get it right. Now there are reports coming out that he and Devin Booker were involved in the decision to fire Monty Williams. Does this speak more of Kevin Durants legacy or is this just a blip in the radar?

KD wanted to build his own super team similar to what he had in Golden State and OKC previously. He chose his team, and then got his friends to join him in Kevin Durant, Deandre Jordan, James Harden, etc. He was trying to do what LeBron does with his teams, except it backfired completely. Then he decides to jump ship and go create another “super team” in Phoenix.

Everything Kevin Durant has done since leaving the Warriors has been eccentric and out there. There seems to be a trend starting to form if things like this keep happening. Didn’t like Steve Kerr, Left him. Didn’t like what he did in Brooklyn, left them. Couldn’t get it done in the playoffs with the Suns, was involved in the firing of Williams and CP3 is hitting the trade block most likely.

Kevin Durant better win soon or else this will also look like a failure too. Then we will have to have the conversation about it affecting his legacy.

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