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LIV Golf strikes TV deal with CW Network

LIV Golf reaches TV agreement with CW Network
Credit-Paul Childs/Action Images/Reuters

LIV Golf has reached a multiyear U.S. broadcast and streaming agreement with The CW Network. CW is set to air all 14 of LIV’s tournaments for the upcoming season.

“This is a momentous day for LIV Golf as this partnership is about more than just media rights. The CW will provide accessibility for our fans and maximum exposure for our athletes and partners as their reach includes more than 120 million households across the United States, ” said CEO and Commissioner Greg Norman.

Tournaments will be played over a three-day span. All three days can be streamed on CW’s app, while on Saturday and Sunday will be broadcasted on CW’s channel, according to Dan Rapaport.

LIV, the roman numeral of 54, discovered its name due to its concept of tournament play. Contrary to the PGA’s 72-hole tournaments, LIV plays just 54.

In its first year, LIV attracted many big names from the PGA, including previous major winners Dustin Johnson, Cameron Smith, and Brooks Koepka. These acquisitions caused LIV to make headlines. However, golf fans became enraged with LIV after finding out where its funding is coming from. The tour is currently financed by the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. This funding has allowed LIV to sign many players from the PGA Tour to massive contracts. This also did not sit well with PGA players, as they felt members who left for LIV just did so for the money.

Along with the large contracts being given in guaranteed money, the schedule is also appealing for many players. When Smith joined LIV, he stated, “The biggest thing for me joining is (LIV’s) schedule is really appealing. I’ll be able to spend more time at home in Australia and maybe have an event down there, as well. I haven’t been able to do that, and to get that part of my life back is really appealing.”

The PGA season consists of 44 regular season tournaments, along with three events for the FedExCup playoffs. LIV, however, plays just 14 tournaments. Moreover, LIV is paying their players more money, to play less golf, and see their families more. It’s not difficult to see why players are making the jump.

Phil Mickelson, current LIV Golf member and former PGA member, previously stated that LIV is “trending upwards”. With this deal placing LIV tournaments in more than 120 million homes, it certainly seems that way. LIV Golf and CW currently have more exposure than ESPN, which sits in roughly 76 million homes.

Evidently, with major exposure, money to go around, and less golf to be played, fans could see more PGA members make the jump to the LIV tour.

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