Why Louisville Moving to the SEC Would Help Football and More

University of Louisville
Mark Wallheiser/Associated Press

The University of Louisville basketball program has done well and is still having success. However, football is on a downward trend. SEC basketball has become a competitive conference. They would fit right in. In terms of football, a spark is needed since Lamar Jackson isn’t coming back.

Football Perspective

College prospects want to play in the SEC. They want serious football that will help them get to the NFL. In the ACC, Clemson, Miami, and UNC draw all the prospects. Case in point, University of Louisville football misses out. Moving to the SEC gives them the best chance to recruit.

The rivalry with Kentucky is the real deal. Keeping local players in state to beat your rival is the priority of any recruiter. Developing a signature style and culture is what teams like Louisville need to take pride in. The “Louisville way” if you will. If done right, this will keep prospects from going to bottom feeder teams in the SEC like Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mizzouri, and Mississippi State. With that, you now have more talent to choose from.

The Move Would Be a Homerun

Louisville also has a history of a dominant baseball program. Mississippi State just won the college world series with Tennessee and Vanderbilt firmly in the mix. LSU also had a great run. Baseball prospects know what SEC baseball is all about. Dominance, execution, and talent. This would make the draw to Louisville that much more enticing.

The University of Louisville is not a name we always think of when it comes to college sports. But, this change could help them moving forward if they chose to make a major move.

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