Patrick Mahomes New Deal with Chiefs is Great for Both Sides

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to a restructured deal on the quarterback’s contract. They have agreed to four years at $210.6 million fully guaranteed. This makes Mahomes the second highest-paid quarterback in the league by annual salary again. Also, it will keep the Chiefs competitive by allowing them to keep more talent around their signal caller.

What Mahomes New Deal Means

The restructured deal didn’t change the price and length of the original. All it did was move money from later years up to give their quarterback a more significant annual salary. The original worked out to about $45 million per year, while the new deal offers Mahomes around $52 million.

This places him second behind only Joe Burrow for the highest salary instead of eighth, where the Chief’s signal caller fell to as new deals raised the going rate for quarterbacks lately. Also, now four years and $210 million is fully guaranteed setting up another meeting after the four years to negotiate another deal.

Both Sides Gained From Their Restructured Deal

Without the restructure Mahomes would have surely dropped out of the top ten highest salaries well before he could have negotiated his deal. Now both sides will look at where the team is and where the market is after 2026. This will give Mahomes the ability to either take a discounted deal to help the team stay competitive or raise his salary to max again if he wants to.

On the Chief’s side, they will be able to look at where their quarterback is value-wise and decide what to do with him. Which I am fully confident he will still be their franchise player and shouldn’t have any issues putting and keeping talent around Patrick Mahomes. Many times, now the quarterback. He has said that he values winning more than making the most money. This new deal seems like a win for all sides involved.

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