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Manuel Neuer suffers a potentially career-ending injury

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Is it time for a change? Photo Credit: DEPOR

The World Cup and the post-World Cup period were brutal blows to the flying Bayern Munich. The most significant one, though, came from their captain Manuel Neuer. Despite precautions of weather, Manuel Neuer still went on the skiing trip and broke his leg during his vacation. The high chance is that he will sit out for the remainder of the season.

An ill-advised action from Neuer now put Bayern’s season in more jeopardy, especially considering the current situation. Apart from the likes of Dayot Upamecano and Noussair Mazraoui, who played brilliantly for France and Morocco, the other players all had subpar performances in Qatar. Yes, they had their bright spot here and there, but those were far from the caliber of players they are at the club level. The defeats are hurting the players mentally.

What’s worse, they received negative news from another key player. Noussair Mazraoui, after being tested positive for COVID-19 at the World Cup, is now diagnosed with heart inflammation which will sideline him for at least a month.

Back to the goalkeeper dilemma, Manuel Neuer’s replacement Sven Ulreich is a solid backup but nowhere near his talent, which forced Bayern’s board to seek goalkeeper help in the winter market.

The Short-term Candidates

Yann Sommer has emerged to be the Bavarians’ number one target. The Swiss goalie has proven to be a kryptonite to the star-studded Bayern, who registered a record-breaking 19 SAVES the last time they met. Signing a man who struck fear into the fans is a great move. If you can’t beat him, sign him. However, Borussia Mönchengladbach is refusing the five million offer, demanding double, which is unreasonable for Bayern. That being said, it is still likely to fall through.

Yann Sommer is viewed highly by Bayern Munich’s locker room. Photo Credit: Bavarian Football Works

Alexander Nubel of Monaco is the second option. Bayern brought in Nubel free of charge from Schalke 04, hoping he would be a legitimate replacement for Neuer. However, Neuer’s longevity has forced Nubel to go on loan for multiple seasons, which fed up the young German. He said he would only return to Bayern if a starting spot next season was guaranteed.

Nubel is refusing to be Neuer’s backup. Photo Credit: Bavarian Football Works

If those transfers fail, World Cup hero Bono, Dominik Livakovic, or experienced Keylor Navas were also linked with Bayern.

Is it the end for Manuel Neuer at Bayern?

What does the future hold for Manuel Neuer and Bayern? Photo Credit:

It is revealed that Neuer’s injury isn’t simple. An open fracture of the fibula and tibia would take at least a year to fully heal. By the time Neuer is back on the field, he would be nearly 39 years old. Time waits for no one. We saw that with the case of Cristiano Ronaldo. If anyone watches Bayern Munich games closely, they would realize Neuer’s passing and footwork have decreased significantly. So many scares and mistakes led to dangerous counters and even goals. And although there are still crucial saves, he has lost a step or two between the goalposts. Just by the eye test, his form for both club and country this season is below average for his talent.

As he ages, Manuel Neuer has become more injury prone. Given this season-ending injury, he will have missed 285 days and counting in the past two seasons. Not a good sign for a team constantly in contention.

The truth is harsh. Neuer needs to realize how severe and potentially career-ending his injury is. And Bayern Munich needs to find a replacement before it’s too late. The future captain’s armband is in safe hands with Joshua Kimmich at the realm. The fans would still love to see at least one more season with the club legend, the most revolutionary goalkeeper ever in goal. But the goodbye is near.

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