NBA new rules: Flopping penalty and Second Coaches Challenge

Flopping has become an architect of the game in order to get a foul. Though, that might not be the case during the 2023-24 season. The NBA announced its two new rules that the Board of Governors approved on Tuesday. We may see less flops as a result.

NBA new rules
(Via The Toronto Star)

That is because flops will result in a technical free throw for the opposing team.

The other change is that a coach will be awarded a second challenge if his first is successful.

The NBA has tested the flopping penalty in Summer League, to see how it unfolded in a game situation. Apparently, those results have seen positive reinforcement. Now, they become permanent (at least for the upcoming season) at the NBA level.

The NBA’s announcement explained any player deemed to have flopped will be given a non-unsportsmanlike technical foul. Players can’t be ejected because of an accumulation of flopping violations like they can be for other technical fouls.

Officials will also have the opportunity to wait until the next neutral chance to stop play and issue the flopping violation, meaning they do not have to stop live play if it would take away a clear scoring opportunity. Fouls and flops can be called on the same play by Officials.

Coaches will not be able to directly challenge a flop violation either, but Officials can retroactively call one upon review or challenge of another play.

The NBA first put an anti-flopping rule in place with the 2012-13 season. Players were issued a warning for their first violation and then fines of $5,000 for their second, $10,000 for their third, $15,000 for their fourth and $30,000 for their fifth. A monetary punishment system in place, but fines will start at $2,000 and then increase for repeat offenders.

Hurting his team’s chances of winning may cause players to flop less.

With the new NBA rules in effect, coaches might be less lenient on using their first challenge.

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