Pros and Cons of a New England Patriots Two QB System

New England Patriots
New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones throws during the first half of the team’s preseason NFL football game against the Washington Football Team, Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

The New England Patriots have quite the situation on their hands. Mac Jones was drafted in the first round and Cam Newton is still on the roster. Pats radio voice Bob Socci is reporting that at the most recent practice, Jones gave way to Newton for a change of pace in the red zone. The play Newton ran was a speed option.

It’s beginning to look like a real possibility that the New England Patriots could utilize a two quarterback system. Jones would run the normal Patriot offense we’ve all come to know, and Cam would open it up in short yardage and goalline situations. Does this make sense for the Patriots to do?


Cam can’t run the traditional New England game plan. Jones is more of the type of QB who can and we saw that in the first preseason game. We also saw that at Alabama which at times run similar plays. The less Cam is on the field, the better. However, if he can still bring the strength and athleticism to impact the game, taking advantage of that would make sense. That means Jones would also be doing most of the throwing which is for the best since Cam’s mechanics have significantly fallen off.


In this situation, a dual QB system doesn’t make a lot of sense. Cam on the field in any capacity usually did not go well. It also makes the offense much more predictable. Case in point, Seattle week two in 2020, we all knew that last QB run play was coming. You know who else did? The entire Seahawks defense.

Compared to the Saints

Taysom Hill did other things along with play quarterback. He literally lined up everywhere on offense. That’s what made it special and different. Cam can’t do anything else. Additionally, when Cam isn’t the guy at practice that day, he mopes around and pouts. How is this going to go when Jones is on fire in a real NFL game and they don’t turn to him? Probably not good.

Jones is undoubtedly the best quarterback on the roster. But, that still might not be enough to make him the fulltime franchise guy right now.

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