NFL Must See Week 3 Matchups

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Week two had some wild comebacks and wild moments in it. Looking forward to week 3, there are some must see games, and these games could play a factor down the road. NFL Week 3 looks to be another exciting and potentially wacky Sunday for viewers.

Rams vs Cardinals

This NFL Week 3 game is a must see rematch of what was a playoff game last season. The Rams beat down the cardinals 34-11 and the game didn’t seem close. Coming into this matchup week 3, it is it a division game. Not only that, both these teams had an interesting last week. The Cardinals came back from a 20-0 hole to win 29-23 in OT for the Raiders. As for the Rams, they went up big and then let the Falcons slip back into the game that finished 31-27. This game came down to a Ramsey interception to close out a win for the Rams. It also was almost a reverse 28-3 for the Falcons. For this week now, it will be interesting to see who can capitalize and steal a much needed division win. As history says recently, it should be the Rams.

Lions vs Vikings

In another division battle for the NFL Week 3 slate, the Lions travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings. The Lions are coming off a win in a game where they were favored for the first time in 24 games. With two impressive outings, this would be a huge game for the Lions to steal on the road. For the Vikings, they seemed to have gotten humbled on Monday night. After losing 24-7 to the Eagles, the offense did not look like anything special. With a lot of room to still grow and a whole season to go, this is a huge game for the Vikings to get back on track. They are 6 point favorites and should be able to handle business at home, but watch out for those grit filled Lions.

Bills vs Dolphins

The Dolphins have had an impressive start to the season. After beating the Patriots week one, the Dolphins came out and beat the Ravens 42-38. They were down 35-14 at one point, and marched the Ravens back down with some deep passes to Hill. This team has a lot of momentum, and an even bigger division matchup against what looks like a buzzsaw. The Bills have looked unstoppable and just seem to have an offensive juggernaut. This is going to be a good test for the Dolphins to see if they can hang around with one of the best teams in football. With two powerful offenses with a lot of weapons, this game should be fun.

Packers vs Bucs

In a matchup of the two older QBs in the league, The Bucs and Tom Brady are hosting Aaron Rodgers and the Packers on Sunday. Both teams got good and much needed wins last week. The Bucs will be without Evans who is suspended for a game after the incident with Lattimore. With both offenses looking a bit weak at the WR position, it’s going to be interesting to see who steps up. Along with that, it will be a good week to see not only how the defenses play, but how the run games for each team looks. This will be hopefully a fun game with two of the best battling it out.

Broncos vs 49ers

In the Sunday Night Football matchup and final game of the week, the Broncos play host to the 49ers. After Lance’s injury, this will be Jimmy G’s first start of the season. With the team seemingly all behind Jimmy and ready to go, it will be fun to see how this team continues to go after last week’s win against the Seahawks. As for the Broncos, they had 2 back to back weeks of subpar offensive play. With them only winning 16-9 against the Texans, it has some fans worried. Is it the Coach? Is it Russ? This will be a huge game to get back on track, and would be a good win against a pretty good 49ers squad. 

Giants vs Cowboys

In the Monday Night Football matchup and final game of the NFL Week 3 slate, the Cowboys are on the road against the Giants. While Both teams got much needed wins last week, and this is another one. With everyone saying the division will come down to the Eagles and Cowboys, this is a huge opportunity for the Giants to leave their mark. As for the Cowboys, this is a much needed win to keep them afloat. With the schedule being a little nicer to them now, they can escape with a few wins until Dak comes back. This game comes down to Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley vs Cooper Rush and Zeke/Pollard. A win is more needed by the Cowboys, but the Giants could be off to a great start with a W in Monday Night Football.

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