NFL Teams In the Danger Zone

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We are now a month into the season. After getting a small sample size of some teams, it is safe to say some fan bases are panicking. While other teams are okay and getting by, there are some teams and fanbases that are living in the danger zone.

Need a Wake-up Call


While the Jaguars have two really good wins on the season, they also have shown some flaws. They blew a lead against the Commanders to lose week one, and now they lost a 14-point lead to Philadelphia in a loss. While the second one to Philly is a bit more excusable, it’s an issue of a trend. Now that is that keeps them in the danger zone watch two games the Jags have been up double digits and then find a way to lose. While they still could go on to have a great rest of the season, this issue could linger. For the Jags, another loss or two like this could take away the momentum they had to start the season.


After a loss to the Raiders, this Broncos team is reeling a bit. With the offense very slow to start out the season, they finally looked like they had something Sunday. However, after a few turnovers, the Broncos could not do enough. Now, Javonte Williams has torn his ACL along with some more serious damage. The O-line has been hit and miss as well, so now there are even more questions about this Broncos team. The Chiefs are looking great to start the year as well. If the Broncos want any hope of winning the division, Russell Wilson needs to get protected. Along with that, the offense needs to pick it up as well, since the defense is playing well.

The Coach also needs to step up and be better. With the way he has looked so shaky to start the year, he could be coaching for his job the rest of the season. This Broncos team could flip the switch and get going, but there are a few big areas they need to work on, and don’t have too much time to catch their breath. 


The Colts had another rough outing against the Titans on Sunday. Matt Ryan fumbled two times and Jonathan Taylor did at the end of the game as well. The Colts only lost by seven, but it was more than the score. This was another week where the Colts’ offense has been turnover-prone and slow starting. If this trend happens for another three weeks, the highly talented and hyped-up AFC South winners could find themselves out of the playoffs again. Lucky for the Colts, the division is not playing too well right now. So they still have a chance to avoid the danger zone and to make the playoffs if they turn it around.

At the Breaking Point Danger Zone


The Raiders finally got a much-needed win after starting 0-3. Now with a win, it’s time to keep this momentum and bring it forward. The fact they started out so slow, now they have a lot of ground to make up. With their division being so good, they need every win they can get. Looking forward, the Raiders could really use a nice win streak about now. There is very little room for them to slip up, so they have to be careful.


The Lions had a pretty heartbreaking loss to the Seahawks. Not only were they favored, a lot of people saw them as better than the Seahawks overall. While they did not have some stars playing in a game, the Lions lost 48-45. It’s still a tough loss for them as they were not really in the game at all until the end. While they look way better than in years past, they still have started the season 1-3. With the Packers and Vikings both looking weaker than people thought, the Lions can’t afford these losses. If they want a chance at winning the division, they need to start beating the teams they should and also put together winning efforts against some better teams.


The Patriots didn’t have Mac Jones, then Brian Hoyer got hurt against the Packers. Bailey Zappe took over, and they took the Packers to overtime where the Patriots would end up losing. This slow start to the season is a bit concerning for a team that already came into the season with people questioning them. Now with a rookie QB at the helm, this could potentially be a bad situation brewing in New England.


The Steelers benched Mitch Trubisky in the first half for Kenny Pickett. While this will maybe be a good move, in the long run, it might have some consequences in the short term. While it wasn’t his fault the Steelers lost to the Jets Sunday, the Steelers still lost. The future looks bright for Pickett however, as he showed some good things in the game. Without TJ Watt and with the rookie Qb, things are starting to become foggy in Pittsburgh. This latest loss has them reeling bad, and a matchup with Buffalo next week could cause trouble for the slow-starting Steelers.

Playoff Hope is Slim Danger Zone


While the saints almost came back against the Vikings in London, they just fell short on a heartbreaking field goal miss. The Saints are now 1-3 and the offense has looked not the greatest in the first month of the season. The Saints do have some bright spots, like Chris Olave for example. They need to do a bit more offensively if they are going to win games. The defense has been holding up decently well, so it’s time for the offense to get going if they want to change their season around.


After coming back to beat the Jaguars in week one, the Commanders have now lost 3 straight. In all of those games, you could say different things about the offense. This Commander’s team has some real talent, they just need some better offense efficiency. The defense as well could really use Chase Young back. With both sides of the ball being shaky to start out the season, the Commanders are in jeopardy of their season being over here in a few weeks. There are hot-seat rumors about a few people in that organization, including the coach. This situation has a chance to get bad.


The Bears might be 2-2, but they are a lot worse than that. With Fields not looking the greatest in the passing games, it’s been limiting this offense. The Bears lost to a Giants team Sunday that only had 71 passing yards and lost both Qbs at one point. If the Bears are going to do anything with their season this year, Fields needs to progress as a passer. The running part of the Bears’ offense is good. With no passing game, however, this offense starts to become limited. If Fields continues to pass very little, this Bears team will not have the best of seasons.


After a rough start to the season for one of the dark horse playoff teams in the NFC, they had another rough game Sunday. They lose to the Arizona Cardinals, and Baker Mayfield continues to struggle. He has not been the worst Qb out there, but he isn’t playing well either. If the Panthers want to go anywhere, it all falls onto Baker. The offense efficiency needs to go up with the Panthers if they want any hope of getting back on track.

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