Nick Nurse Accepts Job To Be Philadelphia 76ers’ Next Coach

Philadelphia 76ers Hire Nick Nurse.
Kyle Ross/USA TODAY Sports/Reuters

It was announced on Monday that Nick Nurse, former head coach of the Toronto Raptors, has accepted a job to be the next coach for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Nurse led the Raptors to an NBA championship in 2019. He was named the Coach of the Year for the 2019-2020 season.

Sources confirmed that the Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns were pursuing the former Raptors coach. Both teams were actively negotiating with Nurse and his representative, Andy Miller of Klutch Sports, both on Sunday and Monday. This put Nurse in an arduous position to choose between two competing teams vying for his services.

The former COTY will get to coach current MVP Joel Embiid. Nurse reportedly raved about the prospect of coaching Embiid and building a championship contender in Philadelphia.

Can Nick Nurse Lead the 76ers to a Championship?

The Sixers were bounced again in the second round of the playoffs for three consecutive seasons under Doc Rivers. Now, with Nick Nurse as their new coach, the 76ers will be looking to build on their previous failures. He’ll bring in his expertise to finally make that championship run they have been yearning for over the years.

Embiid is set to accomplish a feat that has not been achieved since Magic Johnson of the Lakers did it in 1990-91. Clinching the MVP title and commencing a new season with a freshly appointed coach while staying on his current team. This serves as evidence of Embiid’s exceptional contributions to his squad, reminding us why he deserves such recognition.

This season, Nurse’s coaching led the Toronto Raptors to adopt an assertive type of defense that made history by being the first team to achieve both the most steals and fewest allowed since tracking began in 1973-74. Additionally, they were at the top ranking position for points per game off turnovers while allowing very little room for errors themselves.

The team will need to figure out their future with star James Harden, who has been linked to a reunion with the Houston Rockets. Philadelphia will look to quickly build a roster they feel will be competitive under Nurse’s leadership, one that can complement Embiid and his game.

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