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XFL Jerseys
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They say the third time is the charm, right? The XFL will be rebooted for the third time in its history come February of 2023. The league has a new look and a new owner in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. And this past week, the league unveiled the new jerseys for the upcoming season. While some of the jerseys look familiar to those of the 2020 season, others have tried a more unique and original approach. Here are all of the new XFL jerseys ranked from worst to first.

8. Orlando Guardians

There really isn’t too much wrong with Orlandos jersey outright. The problem here is the jersey is ripped straight from the 2020 New York Guardians. The logo and team name are the exact same with the only main difference being in the color coordination. Sure, there are slight differences in piping and in the helmet design as well, but unfortunately for Orlando, New York did it better. Orlando will be in their shadow because of it, and that’s why they belong on the bottom of the list of XFL jerseys.

7. Seattle Sea Dragons

Seattle has made some little changes but generally look the same. Instead of the Dragons they are now the Sea Dragons which somehow oddly works better. I guess when you think of Seattle, you think of rain. However, what doesn’t work is the new jersey design. The colors are still dark blue, green, and orange and that was okay when they first used it in 2020. But now it’s a contrasting nightmare. There is just way too much orange. They look like Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos mashup jerseys.

6. St. Louis Battlehawks

The wings on the helmet and the font of the jersey pay homage to the military aircraft history of St. Louis. And that’s pretty cool. But that’s really all you can say about these jerseys. There’s no wow factor and no risks taken. It is without a doubt a football jersey… and somehow that’s an insult.

5. D.C. Defenders

These are like the Battlehawks jerseys but red. Just all around extremely forgettable in the most part. One thing that does play well into the white jerseys is the camo on the shoulders and helmet. Usually, putting camo on a jersey will go horribly wrong. Just ask the San Antonio Spurs. However, the blotchier camo used here with the white coloring works well as a compliment to the bright red.

4. Vegas Vipers

It is very hard to go wrong with a red and black color scheme. The Vipers did not break that trend and even added a little pizzaz. The away jerseys are full of detail and the snakeskin pattern in the numbers and shoulder caps are the main eye catcher. It’s just enough to make you notice and not too overpowering to make it cliche. The home jerseys are a bit dull, but the “V Fang” logo on the shoulders is a nice touch.

3. Houston Roughnecks

The Roughnecks took a shot at uniqueness and hit it out of the park with the helmet design. Paying tribute to the Lone Star State flag, it was executed beautifully. Combined with the oil splatter on the numbers and side panel of the pants, the details here were really well done. Everything plays off of each other and doesn’t override the senses.

2. Arlington Renegades

Like a black and red color scheme, it is hard to go wrong with baby or powder blue. This is how simplicity is executed. A great color scheme combined with basic contrast. The red numbering and piping are perfect compliments to the base blue. The helmet is a bit lack luster, but the angled slash is a nice touch.

1. San Antonio Brahmas

Taking the number one spot is what might be one of the cleaner jerseys in all of sports. Black and yellow is a color combination severely underutilized in sports outside of the city of Pittburgh and a few colleges. The horns on the helmet representing a rushing bull are simple yet effective. Adding in the horn texture perfects it. The serape pattern on the neckline is the most brilliant use of lining we’ve seen on any of these jerseys. The horn texture and gradience on the numbers are enough to keep the middle section of the uniform busy. The Brahmas simply have outdone themselves here and undoubtedly have the best XFL jerseys.

All in all it’s a pretty solid showing from the XFL. There’s a lot of creativity for better or worse. Hopefully, with a little growth the list of creative XFL jerseys will expand with the rest of the league instead of yet another future revival.

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